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Monday, December 31, 2007

4/1/2007----SInce I start to work that job , I feel tension , it is a hard job and presure I today only find 1 customer , my boss start to feel me can't do anything . I maybe will resign after this month .I will stress up , this not job like I think so easy is a stress ful job .

I start to feel stress about this job mood to work already....
3/1/2008---TOday is my second day working in sri petailng clicker , I stillcannot find sale ,dealer and courter, I feel presure , because I nid to find RM1000 sale in this month , I really feel presure ,untill afternoon I driving my car go around Puchong and walk until very,very very tired ,go telefon shop go many place, still cannot find dealer.

Finally can find 1 dealer , after few walk hour walk around Puchong, a tired job ,I sitll haven get my first sale ....I will continue to try my best

Vacancy :
Agen /dealer wanted
  • to promote tmnet streamyx
  • high commsion
  • better in Klang valley
  • part time/ full time

My hp : 016 6108807 (lim) call me or sms me if intrested ....
1/1/2008---The first day of year 2008 and also a public holiday, Tomolo is my first job start day ,I still feel lost duno wheather wan study or working, but I think I go working for 3 month trial first. THen only decide wheather wan study full time or part time .

After today I May start a full time working time maybe cannot always update my blog.


***HOPE 2008 IS A LUCKY YEAR ***

31/12/2007----Today is the last day of the 2007 ,and 2008 will coming soon after few more hour. two more day I will having my first full time job.Today I with my friend go pyramid shopping , because when I start to work , I may no more enjoy life .

Today I may meet one of my internet friend in KL , she come from Kuala selangor .But my cousin want to OT ,so he come back home late. Duno can go meet my internet friend o not . I gtg write it next time .****Happy new year and hav a new life to everyone.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

30/12/2007---Today is SUnday , my father there still hav working, I folow them go working in this public holiday,around 3 pm we go to buy new shirt for my new job.

On next wednesday I will get a job in Sri petaling clicker, dono wat job is that , but I will try my best.TOday I spend RM300 to buy the uniform for my first permenant job .Really a big money to spend before working that job, they still haven comfirm me , the manager wan test me within 3 month .

Saturday, December 29, 2007

29/12/2007---TOday is saturday, my supervisor call me go working on next wednesday , but need to work 3 month for trial that job, I may fire by my boss if I cannot handle the JOB.

TOday is saturday, I still working my part time job in GIant puchong. A tired job .Now I feel my leg very pain, really very tired that job ....I waitting someone to online, Duno since when I start to enjoy talking with her.Good nite and hav a nice day.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

28/12/2007---Friday, today Iwake up later because watching tv until 1am, like usual ,me drive my brother car go my father there, me hav nth to do at there and try to find some work .

Around 1pm , I follow my father go many place for working, SHA alam , USJ, Sedang,and Maju jaya . Today we come to a company , this is a big company few year ago , and my fahther say few year before this company hav many branch and advertisement. A brand company ,hav many clerk and straff , but after few ,we now visit that company , no more branch and only 1 clerk .That company telefon and fax also no more already .

Why the Big company so fast got finiancial problem ??They no properly pan their cash flow and finiancial ??no good leader??no improve their straff skill ???Or waste too much money at useless thing .

Anyway, I think I should get more experience and knowledge only start my business .Me dun wan a few year company, me hope can build a forever company.Anyway me also still jobless and lost in my future.****^^ Let us pray for a nice future .
27/12/2007---Today I go Sri petaling interview, they want me fill a form and hav a smal math test, then ask me many question.After that they say they will call me back in this week. Are me already failed to get this job???THey say me look like baby face , so maybe not suitable the job .A sad thing .

THen I go back home and pick my mum go bank to do something ,after that already 3
pm, I go my father they work until 6pm .TOday really tired and my car already finish all the petrol .This is the day I go thought today.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

26/12/2007---THe Chrismas was finished, today my supervisor call me , he call me go interview Sri petaling Clicker tomolo, hope can get that job.If I can get the job I can go take LRT to Petaling street to taking LCCI at night.

If cannot get the job, I may plan another plan.TOday still a rainig day in Malaysia,I feel my father become very old , I think he too tired to think so much think and working, I feel sad because cannot giving any help, I still can't find any job to become indepandent.I still some time get pocket money from him.

TOday my cousin work until 7pm , me wait him and pick him go back home ,GTRONIC already few day become TOp volume , What happen to GTRONIC???THe people wan goreng this stock from low price ??Because this few day the Trading price is only RM0.25, and large volume.SOmething will happen maybe.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

25/12/2007---TOday is Chrismas day, a rainig day also ,I stay in home all the day nth to do , chating with friend,sms, visit forum and see the chart.

TOday Malaysia is Public holiday ,my parent also stay in home, they bring us go hav a nice dinner.Next week is the reopen of the school day ,me still ca't find any Colledge and job.Who can help me ?I dun wan continue to stay like useless guy in my family.

TOday I help my cousin create a new blog to sell his toy .Hope I will hav a luck everyday.****

Friday, December 21, 2007

24/12/2007---TOday is chrismas eve, a lonely night, today me work at my father there until 8pm, very tired, my cousin also, so we stay in home today, my 17 year old Chrismas eve still same.

A tired day today go many place, today my father friend introduce his child to explain the colledge life to me.we chat long time about 30 min.A expensive talk because by phone.A lonely and normal day although is Chrismas eve.

I still thinking my future...,hope my future hav a nice chrismas wish .A it can be true ???GOd
23/12/2007---TOday go purple cane interview , in SUnway pyramid 2 ,but because of the transport problem, I cannot work that job le , I now still jobless duno wat can I do ???Who can tell me ??study ?working??LCCI??DIPLOMA??
22/12/2007---TOday very tired , really tired, I working from 12pm to 10pm night in Giant puchong , work as streamyx agen ,a very tired JOB.But me work it with relax ,I relax to talk to customer,talk to my new friend in the nearest counter.

Alone,eatting alone, I feel my feel of falling love on someone was lost, I no more confident on that already,I know me no strength to protect someone.I very tired wan sleep .Write it next time.
21/30/2007---TOday is friday , is a workking day, today many thing to do in the factory, I and my cousin work hard for it, we working until 6pm,really a tired work, today my aunty come see me , she ask me why me dun wan continue study, This problem make me feel panic, My english not good , no mood to study, But many people want me study until degree, I think me and my family cannot support my education, SO i decide this sunday go register LCCI in petaling street.

This is my decide , maybe will hav a dark future, but is my choice....I feel upset again, I still haven find any job. no epople hire me , I duno wat was my future, 大不了不是死,有什么比死亡跟大的???见一步,走一步,做好自己巴,不用在意别人的闲话。LIM HON FEI try your best.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

20/12/2007--TOday is public holiday,my father and my brother also no working,me also no working because me jobless since finish SPM .TOday the day still raining.

A boring day,no job,no income, no study day,no knowledge....I sleep at home whole day.and start feel sad about my future, today duno y I fight with my sister maybe bad mood.I start to feel bad luck and bad atitude.I start to calm down but who can help me.................................?
19/12/2007--today is wednesday tomolo is haji holiday, I today still go working in my father company, today afternoon got some probelm happen on there, but we settle it at 6pm

After settle it I feel tired, Ireceive 1 call ,it maybe give me a job in sri petaling,but my supervisor say haven comfirm he want ask his manager first.Hope I can get the job.***I feel trired since woriking on my father there....but no salary.I stop it here write again tomolo.
18/12/2007---today is tuesday, me still jobless since finish my SPM and can;t find colledge because my english no Credit.I feel useless in this world, canot earn money ,make my family worried my future because cannot go colledge.....

I feel tired and tired about my future.....SOmetime my mind willcome out some bad messenge like ......,but I will try my best to continue my life.,but wat should Idofor it , no people lead me , feel lost , Ithink i am a useless and a bad debt for my family..No mood to type more sorry GOod nite..........

Monday, December 17, 2007

17/12/2007---Today me still jobless, I drive my brother car go my ather factory and help the clerk .Like go pay the TNB(tenaga nasional berhad) bill, buy some stationary.

My friend start working in shopping centre already, I go find him , we wear a nice uniform and a handsome look,he get a job already, I also try go interview but there full already,my interview failed again.

THen I go back my father there,and pick my cousin go back home,I start to feel sad about my future......I shy to take pocket money from my parent already, ZI today borrow my brother RM50 to spend because my pocket no more money, a useless guy, I feel me useless,nth can do to this world and my future.......Hard to imagine my future....I feel tired,tired again,.................................DUno wat to write already???Any 1 support my blog, can u go (CAKAP APA) there say something or add my msn to hav a chat.thanksyou

Saturday, December 15, 2007

15/12/2007---today is weekend saturday,I go my father working place early,then 1pm I go giant puchong work my part time job ,that job is my first job since FORM3 but is part time,I still haven find full time job,I working until 10.30pm ,now feel tired so write it next time.

Friday, December 14, 2007

14/12/2007---TOday is friday , I go my father working place like we get 1 invoice is want 448 pc of clear glass, I with my borther cut it until 7pm .After finish it we feel tired.

I decide to order delivery (madonald and Pizaa hut) after 10 min talk with their, they say no service area ,I almost want angry ,wat is the service,they must say early If no service area.

THen we go back eat dinner, my mum cook a nice dinner today.I feel lost and jobless since after SPM, feel useless, nth to do in this world,study cannot, working no experience.Business??No idea and money...What can I do tell me plz ??god...........

After eat dinner I taking bath ,then go enjoy my internet world, I think I fall in love in INTERNET world already.SInce her reject me(the story is too long next time only talk this ) ....,I suddenlly feel no more the feel of love on somebody,no mood to think it , and sometime got little bit hate about girl and no more confident on those love already,I tihnk friendship with girl is my limit level with them .I think I sick already.Nvm single i think is better because me no enough strength to protect people.

ahhhhhhh, feel useless who can lead me???hope tomolo will be nice

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

13/12/2007---TOday is thursday ,I still jobless, freelancer....I go my father office like normal, then I open the door and start to learn computer system with my father clerk until 2pm.THen me go buy my lunch and 6pm , we go back home with my cousin.

WHen come back home, I take a bath then start to spend my time in internet,online,chat,visit form....I spend more than 3 hour in internet, I feel internet arleady part of my life .I think I decide go petaling street kolej bandar study LCCI.

Maybe monday go register , i feel lost in my future. Who can lead me ??
12/12/2007---TOday I wake up early ,8am, then me quickly take bath and go my father working place, I helpping there, but also not much thing, I feel upset with future, I chatting with my father clerk whole day.

TOday our company still overtime working, we work until 8pm, but still cannot finish, my brother decide stop and do it tomolo, I pick my cousin go back home, he is helpping my father working more than 10 year.I feel tired, although not much working .Duno why today my brain suddenlly apear her??why??I aready give up about her already, and give up about love,because is till not confident. Now I try my best to study, working ......Prepare myself.

I still feel look like lost in T-juntion cannot find my way??who can help me , lead me to the future??Anyway wish my self Good luck . Hope tomolo hav a nice day!!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

111/12/2007---Today is a Selangor holiday, our king birthday, but my father factory still got working, I wake up morning, then go here and help , but not much thing I can help .

I got a small accident at there, my finger injured because cut by aluminium material and sell a thing with a wrong price, I scored by my brother, I feel me useless at there.&pm , I work with my cousin at there until 7pm, then I drive car and send him home.

When I reach home I feel tired , really tired, a no salary job , no learning job....,make me feel useless .I cannot imagine wat future do I have??bad ?GOod? cannot predict. Hope is GOod.

Monday, December 10, 2007

10/12/2007---I sitll jobless , today is my second week after SPM, I go my father working place helpping them....,But not much think can help, are my future continue like that ???

Today I drive to KOta kemuning with my father straff,I first time drive Highway,I speed up until 100km/hour ,about 6pm ,me drive back , the rain still going on ,everyday Malaysia still raining , boring to see about that,are the god laughing to me , because me still like useless stay in home.After 8 pm , I start to online, visit forum,....I start to love on internet,I fall in love in internet, It can make me feel relax .

I feel no confident to love anybody , I start to loss comfident in my life and future, wat can I do ,anyone can help me ??anyone can give me answer??GOD??

I will try my best ,hope tomolo will hav a better day...

Sunday, December 9, 2007

9/12/2007---Today is public holiday,SUNDAY, I stay at home, and feel nth to do,my cousin call me go out shopping, so i drive to their house then we go Bukit jalil together,we take LRT to Hangtuah,and shopping in Time Square.KL

A boring place , many people, shop,couple....when 7pm we go back home ,a boring day.My family all go out already, me eatting alone,watching TV alone......alone.Then I start to think ..I am now jobless, tomolo still no any job or study, so wat will happen fro my life after that....cannot imagine.Hope tomolo will better....Hope the luck will come soon.

Friday, December 7, 2007

8/1/2007-TOday is saturday, I wake up early and nth to do , this is the third day I after SPM,I still no job,.....,I drive to my father factory ,but also nth to do at there,I feel useless.

at 1pm, today I stil continue with my part time job (streamyx agen), this job is help people apply internet in MALAYSIA. I work this job since me FORM 3 in my secondary school.It is a low pay job, but is a relaxing job,just sitting there and wait for customer.

I suddenlly no energy and feel of love, maybe I still nth to do in my daily time.At 10.30pm,I go back from work.It is a tired job, I start to feel many people in this society work so hard and only earn little bit money.

After SPM I still can't find any new friend and new life, but look like will hav a dark future .Jobless ,no friend, hard to find colledge because ENglish only just pass, although got many A &B at other subjek.What can i do in future, can anyone tell me?

***Anyway, I will try my best to continue....Hope tomorrow will better***
7/12/2007---TOday I still cannot find my job ,I wake up morning but nth to do ,I go my father company, chatting at there, and help him write down invoice and Do.....

Today ,we work OT(overtime), until 8 pm, then only go back ,after that me taking bath and feel tired.THen I go back my room and visit the forum and other....and uptade my blog. a boring life.I not feel very good without a job.


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

6/12/2007---TOday i go interview a company call MULTICRANE SDN BHD, this is my first interview, it make me feel scared about Interview. She ask me many thing,make me feel useless in my life.many colledge no accept me.

I start to feel useless,no job , no girl friend, no friend ......

,I now totally no income , a dark future..HOpe will be happy toomlo.
5/12/2007---TOday is the first day, after me finish the SPM, today morning I birng my mum go see the doctor then I drive to my father working place,I feel bored on there,like nth to do ,I feel my future is so dark,no job , no love, no income, a failed life.

I try to find a job,my part time boss today call me , he wnat me work in time square.THen I go call a company to interview,they ask me tomolo go Interviem,is a clerk job .I very nervous about this job.HOpe tomolo will better.^^

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

4/12/2007--TOday is my last day of SPM,hav bahasa cina, and seni. Until 3.30pm,then I go ss15 ,find my cousin,he help me find colledge,we got go INTI,Taylor,and metobpolian.They dun wan to accept me becase I failed in English.

I tihnk I cannot go colledge already because of english not good.I feel a little bit upset about that . But nvm without colledge also can be very good.Be happy always.Start form tomolo I lost my job already and nth to do stay at home .

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

1、 寬容 **





** 2、 靠自己 **小蝸牛問媽媽:為什麼我們從生下來,就要背負這個又硬又重的殼呢? 媽媽:因為我們的身體沒有骨骼的支撐,只能爬,又爬不快。所以要這個殼的保護! 小蝸牛:毛蟲姊姊沒有骨頭,也爬不快,為什麼她卻不用背這個又硬又重的殼呢?

媽媽:因為毛蟲姊姊能變成蝴蝶,天空會保護她啊。 小蝸牛:可是蚯蚓弟弟也沒骨頭爬不快,也不會變成蝴蝶他為什麼不需背這個又硬又重的殼呢? 媽媽:因為蚯蚓弟弟會鑽土, 大地會保護他啊。 小蝸牛哭了起來:我們好可憐,天空不保護,大地也不保護。


3、 鯊魚與魚 **


每天仍是不斷的沖撞那塊玻璃,它試了每個角落,每次都是用盡全力,但每次也總是弄的傷痕累累,有好幾次都渾身破裂出血,持續了好一些日子,每當玻璃一出現裂痕,實驗人員馬上加上一塊更厚的玻璃。 後來,鯊魚不再沖撞那塊玻璃了,對那些斑斕的熱帶魚也不再在意,好像他們只是牆上會動的壁畫,它開始等著每天固定會出現的鯽魚,然後用他敏捷的本能進行狩獵,好像回到海中不可一世的凶狠霸氣,但這一切只不過是假像罷了,




4、 神跡 **


這一句話被退伍的軍人聽到了,他轉過身對他們說:“我不是要向上帝祈求有一條新的腿,而是要祈求祂幫助我,叫我沒有一條腿後,也知道如何過日子。” 試想:學習為所失去的感恩,也接納失去的事實,

不管人生的得與失,總是要讓自已的生命充滿了亮麗與光彩,不再為過去掉淚,努力的活出自己的生命。 **


5、 釣竿 :


老人問:「你要釣竿做什麼?」小孩說:「這簍魚沒多久就吃完了,要是我有釣竿,我就可以自己釣,一輩子也吃不完。」 我想你一定會說:好聰明的小孩。錯了,他如果只要釣竿,那他一條魚也吃不到。

因為,他不懂釣魚的技巧,光有魚竿是沒用的,因為釣魚重要的不在“釣竿”,而在“釣技”。 有太多人認為自己擁有了人生道上的釣竿,再也無懼于路上的風雨,如此,難免會跌倒于泥濘地上。就如小孩看老人,以為只要有釣竿就有吃不完的魚,


Saturday, November 10, 2007



***** 原文是“古之欲明明德于天下者;先治其国;欲治其国者,先齐其家;欲齐其家者,先修其身;欲修其身者,先正其心;……心正而后身修,身修而后家齐,家齐而后国治,国治而后天下平。”********



Sunday, November 4, 2007

I will stop update my BLOG, until 5/12/2007,the last day of my SPM exam, the teacher always say SPM is the passport of our future, failed SPM failed our future, Pass the SPM, our future will bright ,Maybe I will know how important is after few year,because me still no mood to study , but I will try to study SPM ,fight for my future.I feel many sad thing and bad thing happen in my life, I think I should but a dairy to record those sad and happy.
*********Hope I get NICE result in SPM.*********

Friday, November 2, 2007

如果失去是苦 你怕不怕付出
如果迷乱是苦 你会不会选择结束
如果追求是苦 你会不会选择执迷不悟
如果分离是苦 你要向谁倾诉,
好多事情当时一点也不觉得苦,然而我已经找不到来时的路 。
他从此看不起你或他给人偷了。 p
因为爱过 所以懂得,因为失去 所以容易满足,因为留恋所以珍惜......曾经爱过的
人....最终消失 的....无影无踪...END....让自已停止....悲哀!

2/11/2007----9 more day is SPM ,me still no mood to study,yesterday my friend wai hong call me and today I with him go having a breakfast in Puchong,then we go together SUnway pyramid new building, I and him park our car in that new building carpark.
WHen we reach SUnway pyramid ,it still haven open ,so I and my friend go the PX ,cyber cafe,we having a 10n 1 DOta with him me loose kao kao to my friend.
After that , we go to the Sunway Pyramid again, we go to the popular bookshop in the new building, we stay they about half hour and read some book on there but no buy .hehe.
THen we go to the REDBOX, having many enjoyment at there, we having a nice good,nice song and nice price.We first time go to redbox, and happen many stupid thing at there,But also let me learn many thing and experience.
About 2 pm ,my friend go back home and me go back my father office,WHen I reach there no body at the office,me alone reading at there, and the tidy the office................WHen my father come back , AI help him type some dokument and.........................
About 8 pm me reach home ,yesterday us market was droped more than 300 point,of cause KLSE also frop ,KLSE drop 11 ponit, but still ok for Malaysia.TOmolo is my report book day ,I decide to sleep early after visit the forum...........(good nite and hope tomolo having a nice day.**^^)
Toll :RM3.2
Carpark :RM2

Thursday, November 1, 2007

1/11/2007-----Today is the first day of november, My life become bored, 10 more day is SPM already, me as a exam student still dun hav mood to study, even touch the book ,I feel bored in study , this is the big problem for a exam student.

Today 9 am ,I still go my father office work as a clerk ,help him type the invois , statement...........and learn some business magnement with my father accaunt clerk. I learn many thing today but not study,afternoon , my father buy me my favourite food , Chincken rice.

About 5.30pm ,I pick my cousin go back to home, he is a good straf and working with my father more than 18 year.I meet my primary friend at there, he move to a big house, he want invite me go his new house but me too tired so I go back home first.

After take bath ,I go take my dinner and see a while movie , then I come to update this blog and research the market.Yesterday the cruel oil price already reach over 95 us dolar,this is a emergency signal to the world ,sometihng will happen soon, a chinese book say, when something reach the klimaks,then the graft will drop soon, this is a natural signal can found in all the living thing .It is a nice teori.I feel life getting bored, hopoe tomolo will be more happy and good luck everyday.^^

****Hope all the people be SMILE always****

TOday spend :RM0

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

31/10/2007----Today is wednesday, I drive to school today, my class only have 2 people come,me do own study in class.12.20pm,I and my friend get the leaving slip, and go out to school, they bring me to ASIA CAFE at ss15,I order some food then we eat together.

AFter that , we go SUNWAY pyramid shopping together .2pm, they go back home but me stary at there and go Popular book shop shopping, I buy two book from there (法家,曾国蕃),1 is about law of china another 1 is about a Great leader in china.I love this 2 book and buy it .I meet her and two of my classmate at the popular bookstore..............but everything already pass .
THen I run to tuisyen centre, today is the last day of prinsip akaun class, I enjoy study this subjek,I also exchange name card to that teacher, because he want introduce me to LCCI for study accaunt at kl(Kasturi).
THen I drive back to home (6pm)there are a traffic jam at the LDP toll.I spend about half hour go home,and having my dinner at home.THen I do wat I do usualy ...research the market,online........... THen I go back sleep when I feel tired.Today just a normal day and also a bored day,life is so bored.Hope tomolo having a nice day .^^
TOday spend:Lunch (Japan food and teh ais)=RM7.50
Popular book :RM47.80
LDP toll :RM3.60
TOtal:RM58.90(over budget)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

30/10/2007---------TOday me no go school, late wake up , I pick my mother go eat breakfast in the mornig,then we both go IOI shopping ,there got a book fair on there, organise by POPULAR, then we go back home together. I go my father office at the industry area ,I try to check the invoice for him ......,then 2pm, I go eat my lunch at the mamak stall.Later go back work again.

After 5pm, me and my brother go back home, today the market not very good, the special (UNICO), it was raise more than RM1 today =RM1.16 close market. This stock was everyday seen in the newspaper about the change of Magnement.

After see the forum ,and research the stock .......then I go see the movie lastly , then go back sleep,because tomolo I still got go school,I hope she can reply me ............but time will settle everything .TOmolo will be better,the sadness will go off soon.Love only for the people that confident.........................But not me.

# SAD DAY#(==)

TOday spend:Lunch (bali ais +yeemee)=RM4.00

Monday, October 29, 2007

29/10/2007-----Today something make me feel upset, make me no more confident on.................................NO mood on this day .The real pain is not from the SKIN, is from the heart,Pain that happen in heart is hardest to heal in the world.
I understand What is ..... already. Thanks of you make me understand.

29/10/2007---Today I drive to school normally, only 6 people come to school , we play and discuss the homework at there.We also ponteng go eat our lunch.
About 3.30pm , me going tusyen centre.TOday is the last day of my tuisyen.WHen 6.30 , me drive back to home . TOday got some important thing wan to do , After I take my bath, I open my Com, YAHOOOOOOOOOO TOday KLSE reach the PM target over 1400 point,more than 600 countre raise,and the exchange rate vs us dolar also only RM3.34 =$1 us dolar.But the bad news is the cruel oil price is over 90 dolar.I t may effect tomolo KLSE market.
After I research finish ,I send a messenge ,that messenge maybe will very important to my life.But unlucky she no reply.I feel totally no more confident and upset about love already .......
After this I nomore think about it and go to sleep.I feel no mood today and get bed earlybecause.....HOpe tomolo having a better day.
TOday spend:Lunch(teh ais,Chicken chop)=RM6.20
TOll and petrol=RM33.60

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Last day in Sri sedaya

27/10/2007---Today is my school Graduation ceremony, I today drive to the school ,today the LDP toll no traffic jam ,I spent about 15 minute already reach my school,today is my last day in Sri sedaya ,my secondary school in my life.I give my trial result today the result is 3 A1, 4B,2C,2P.I very happy because my prinsip akaun,ekonomi asas and seni get A1, but also my MATH and english get failed.Maybe I cannot apply colledge with this requitment.I decide to study LCCI on next year.

After 1.20pm, I drive my car go Giant bandar puteri to work my part time ,before working I go eat my lunch time at the nearst chinese restaurant,then I go see back my old friend ,who wit me together in the tmnet counter last time ,I go back tmnet working again as a part time agen.But she alredy stop working at giant........

When I try to ask her friend ,her friend tell me she working at sunway redbox now.I think should forgot her as fast as posibble.

******** 爱一个人是无法忘记的,唯一的方法只有淡忘她 *******

Today Giant puchong so quiet, me only get 1 customer that is wan to update his streamyx.Two of my friend also zero sale for today.At 10 pm, me and 1 of my friend closing the counter.Then I drive back to home, my leg feel very pain .After take bath, I go bed and sleep.Hope tomolo will be a nice day^^.


Today spend:

LDP toll =RM3.20

Lunch(yeemee+bali ais)=RM5.00

Dinner(two bread)=RM3.20


Friday, October 26, 2007

26/10/2007----TOday I no go school ,I go my friend house help him fix the internet connection at Kota kemuning,about 3pm, I come back to my father office, there are some problem happen there,me and my brother and other straff working untill 8pm only come back .

Although the cruel oil price raise over 90 us dolar, but KLSE today reach 1398.35 (+20.08) create a new record, and more than 600 stock raise.That say is because many foreign investment in Malaysia because of the not stable US market.

Tomolo is my Graduation ceremony, after this I finally can official leave this sad menmory school.After I come back home, I feel tired because stay at my father office until 8pm, add on tomolo wan wake up early for that ceremony,so i decide to sleep early.HOpe tomolo have a better day.^^

Today spend:Lunch:Wantan mee===RM4

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bank negare latest news:
International Reserves of BNM as at 12 October 2007:
RM336.5 billion (equivalent to USD98.5 billion) .

-The reserves position is sufficient to finance 8.6 months of retained imports and is 7.2 times the short-term external debt.

25/10/2007----TOday is my last day in school, I taking all my book to home from my locker>Today I feel happy finally finish my high school,I study in SRi sedaya already 5 year since form 1.There got some my sweet menmory but also got bad menmory.TOday my class mate order some pizza eatting in canteen.THey plan to go Penang after SPM, but not include me.I tihnk my social skill not really good, for them me only a super normal friend although already 5 year classmate.Maybe I cannot have so good skill to having friend.BUt nevermine all is over,after today I can leave this school, and start my new life/journey.

I hope can start a new life after leaving this high school.I today was got some feeling when she apear in school today, maybe this is a wrong feeling.I this is not the feeling of Love.I know she imporsible........Love for me is a MI(mission imposible).But beside love still got family ,SO I decide to put my family first.

Nevermine, I will find my love after that, now i try to study hard to get more knowledge to make myself more smart.My math paper failed alraedy only 33 is Failed marks, my english also failed already only 46.I this result cannot make me go to the colledge.What is my future ,I still feel lost.I believe the god already make the journey for us.SO I not to worried this.

Today I drive back to the bengkel to adjust my car radio to better, then I only go back to home,today Malaysia share market not bad raise about 18 point and more than 50% of the listed company is raise , I do like normally wat I do, research market by internet,newspaper,forum................(scret),after research, I go chatting with my msn friend.I start to feel no more friend in my realiti world ,I start to find friendship in internet world.I start to enjoy chatting with someone I duno and cannot see each other, I spend more than 5 hour to online in msn.I tihnk I already becoming addicted by this internet world.How can I go out of this,Who can help?

Since that time I scoled 1 of my friend ,I start to keep myself alone,no body understand this and help me to repair that friendship, I first time broke my friendship, I still remember that time is happen in 1 secience extra class, he playing my bag, I scoled him,then he angry with my .From that time I know friendship is so weak for me.Who is he??(Scret) I think when he read this, he will know.I really can say sorry to him but me cannot open my mouth.But I tihnk no change this is the last year.Hope can be friend when Next life.^^

TOday no mood to write more, I wish all the friend is this world friendship forever and Treasuring your friendship.Today I feel unlucky ,At school, today I know me is not so important for my friend although I try my best to improve it but still.....I start to feel tired......I forgot to pick my neighbour back from school because I playing badminton in hall,he angry to me already,when come back home,I put my brother car away from the wet place.He scoled me say next time dun put his car so far,actually also not so far just next to my house.

I start to thinkking, my father always say wan me together my brother to improve his business.But Ican take the future must be many thing happen ,Example fight with my brother when idea not same and many many thing,my brother got his own mine,and me also got my own mine.To avoid quarrelling, I think I not suitable to improve my father business together ,first I not really understand what my father business work as,I also not enough knowledge just like my brother always say :my still Kids duno anything.My point/view with my brother totally different. I decide to let my brother to work for my father business and give some help if he need,I find a job at the society to get more experience and knowledge.I tihnk I cannot work in same company with my brother.because if work in same company, I can see the future is............................

TOday i was decide 2 thing, the first one is I neverthink about love anymore before I sucess,because love must base on the people which is got enough strenght or to protect that people.I tihnk I still dun hav the LOVE requitment.Second is I still cannot work same company with my brother after me Graduation,because I not enough experience and knowledge as my brother always say. I will help him when he need my help.Maybe I will find another job in outside.Maybe I will learn more independent when I work for other people company.Again lastly me wan to say HOPE tomolo having a nice day.^^

TOday me spend:

luch time :pizza(farewell)=RM6.50
Tea ais:RM1.50
TOll fee=RM3.20
totally =RM11.20
My pocket money is RM10 per day = - RM1.20

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

24/8/2007---TOday I morning I drive car with my neighbour, go to school today the LDP toll really traffic jam,I spend almost 1 hour only reach my school.I almost late for school today.TOday my teacher say this saturday is Farewell party, my 5 year secondary school almost finish.

I start to worried wat I have to do after SPM.SOme people say duno,some people say I got the plan and ................Today i get my chinese paper marks is 64.But is lower than first trial exam.But I still feel happy with that marks, because at least pass.

Today my school not many people come to class,their all home study.RIng......3.30pm finish school.I drive my car to the pertol station.I go pay RM30 and start to pump the pertol.Very fast the petrol go in with in a minute.( I first time go Cartex petrol station, their have 2 type petrol 1 is gold colour, 1 is red colour, GOld colour is better quality,the red colour is more cheap is RM1.88 because it is low quality petrol.)

After that I drive out petrol statiom, but my car the petrol meter no run as all,I go back the petrol station and ask for the shopkeeper,then the shopkeeper let me know to pump got problem,so their give me go to second pump to put petrol agian.FInally I get my RM30 petrol into my car.

THen I drive to the mamak stall and hav my lunch.After finish my lunch, I go to tuisyen centre, today is Prinsip accaunt.The teacher introduce me go study after LCCI.LCCI only nid 10 month and cheap to study about RM2k.THat is study for accaunt.THen I can go direct to second year of universiti for degree.SO total is 3 year spend.

This suggest make me got some hope for my future. I trying to find more detail about LCCI from internet.Today share market was not stable in KLSE,a new list company=VOIR,a fesyen company was listed today.

After research the share market,I feel tired and go to bed and sleep.Hope tomolo have a nice day.^^




Lunch(indomee +teh ais)=RM4.20

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

23/10/2007----TOday drive car to school,today I get my prisip akaun paper, I get 78 marks, and sains paper 58 marks,I very happy because I first time pass my Sains paper,actually all my english subjek very poor .
TOday I try to learn math from my friend.I try to study hard hope can be pass my math is math paper.TOday the share market start to maintain to GREEN.When I go back home , I was see 1 news from Internet that is :
Malaysian tycoon Lim Goh Tong, a self-made billionaire who founded casinos-to-oil group Genting Bhd, died on Tuesday aged 89.

Lim, Malaysia's third-richest individual with a net worth of $4.3 billion (2.1 billion pounds) according to Forbes magazine, died at a medical centre on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, said grandson Justin Leong, Genting's head of strategic investments.

"He died peacefully in his sleep," Leong said.

Lim retired as group chairman at end-2003 and took no further part in running the business he set up in 1965. Genting is now run by his son, Lim Kok Thay, who is chairman and CEO.

Shares in Genting, which is building a $3.4 billion casino in Singapore as part of a major overseas expansion, did not move on the news. A broker said most investors were aware that the founder had handed over management to his heirs many years ago.
History of Uncle LIM:
Local newspapers give slightly differing accounts of Lim's early life but agree he was born in southern China, finished his education at high school and later sailed to Malaysia before the outbreak of World War Two to seek his fortune.

There is some confusion over the media-shy Lim's age. His autobiography and newspapers give his birth date as 1918, but he publicly celebrated his 90th birthday at a party in April. In some Asian cultures, newborns start life with the age of one, not zero as in the West.

He found work as a building contractor and in the 1960s came up with the idea to develop a hilltop resort in mountain jungles near Kuala Lumpur. Genting Highlands became a major casino resort and fuelled the group's growth into other areas such as plantations, property, power generation and oil and gas.

Genting has recently expanded beyond mainly Muslim Malaysia, winning the Singapore casino contract last December and taking over British casino operator Stanley Leisure. It also has an interest in cruise line Star Cruises Ltd

The group's other listed companies are Asiatic Development, Resort World and Genting International

Monday, October 22, 2007

Exchange rate:
22/10/2007----RM3.3775= us dolar 1

22/10/2007---Today my school reopen ,me go back my school, last friday Us was dropped more than 300 point, today Malaysia also no except drop 19 point and more than 800 stock drop.TOday is a bad market moord to world stock market.But the cruel oil price was started to drop unitl 88us dolar.

Today me go school like normal,today my school got accaunt exam,Ivery happy because I can do the exam with confident and well.Another hand, today my math paper marks was ver low is about 33 marks.This result , I think cannot apply for colledge.I very worried about this hope can try my best to learn math well before thatSPM (12/11/2007).

After school, I was walk to the tuisyen centre,before going the tuisyen centre I was eat my lunch in a mamak Stall,today I was happy to chat with someone in tusyen centre.After tuysen, I was go back HOMe, I was see a letter ,that letter is from Bursamalaysia.I open it and see GTRONIC , that give me dividen about RM548.94.This is the third time I get dividen in this year with this company.

I was feel happy and think how to spend this pocket money.After readding the newspaper ,I was tired and go to bed for sleep.Hope tomolo will be a better day.
My spend :Lunch(teh ais+indo mee) =RM4.20

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Super women

对于新加坡著名的水务公司凯发集团总裁兼首席执行官林爱莲女士来说,可谓喜事连连。 13日,由凯发集团下属的独资子公司新泉财团设计、建造、经营和拥有的新泉海水淡化厂正式启用。这一耗资2亿美元的项目,不仅是新加坡第一座大规模海水淡化厂,而且是目前全

这家工厂每天可以向新加坡市场供应约13.6万立方米饮用水,相当于当地每日水需求量的10%。新加坡总理李显龙和林爱莲以淡化海水代酒,举杯庆祝岛国第四大水源诞生的照片,占据了当地报纸的头版。 几天后,人们在《福布斯》杂志亚洲版的封面上,再次看到了这位美丽而自信的女企业家。林爱莲以拥有凯发集团价值2.4亿美元的股票登上东南亚富豪排行榜第39位,成为首位杀入该排行榜的女性,也是榜上最年轻的富豪和唯一的巾帼。

《福布斯》的报道,称她为新加坡的“水之女皇”。 自信是成功之道 林爱莲曾经表示,当自己一次又一次失败的时候,从来都不相信自己再没有成功的机会,因此一直不懈努力。新加坡媒体也形容她,借助女性外表下钢铁般的意志和信念来改变自己的命运。 今年44岁的林爱莲出生在马来西亚霹雳州金宝甘榜,是个孤儿,与领养她的婆婆相依为命。清贫的生活使她从小就懂得挣钱的重要性,并立志要做大事。为了上学和贴补家用,她把大人送给她的玩具全部卖给邻居小孩,还曾经卖三明治、做藤器、当补习老师、推销保险、帮人写信。她虽然总是半工半读,但从中学到大学,从马来西亚到新加坡,她的成绩都是特优。

从新加坡国立大学应用化学专业毕业后,林爱莲加入当地一家荷兰制药公司当药剂师。但心中由来已久的“做大事”的愿望,一直驱使着她去寻找新的起点。 工作3年半后,眼光独到的林爱莲看准废水再生市场具有广阔的发展空间,于是毅然放弃了药剂师的工作,卖掉房子和汽车,于1989年以约1.2万美元的资本创立了以提供污水净化系统为主要业务的凯发集团。 公司成立之初只有3个人,林爱莲自己骑着摩托车,在热带阳光的炙烤下奔波于新加坡和马来西亚之间,逐个工厂推销“凯发”的废水过滤器和水处理柔化剂。

在那段经常吃“闭门羹”的艰苦日子里,林爱莲每天早晨起床后都用同一句话鼓励自己坚持下去,那就是“新的一天将会有更好的机会”。 经过十余年的努力,今天的凯发集团已经成为亚洲知名的水和流体处理公司,并在薄膜制造、使用和分解液体及固体等相关技术方面拥有丰富的经验。集团的产品从用于工业和市政的液体处理设备,发展到家庭使用的从空气中抽取水分的生水机和水龙头过滤器。该集团还致力于以薄膜技术为核心的水源和环境工程尖端科技的研发工作。

幽默、随和的美丽女人 身为大企业总裁,林爱莲却没有女强人的强硬作风。个子小小的她给人最深的印象,就是亲切随和。 她说自己的小镇性格这些年来都没有改变,不论是对高层还是下属,都从不摆架子。她说自己最大的好处就是凡事看得开、放得下,不会去钻牛角尖,所以到现在为止,人生并没有什么让她感到遗憾的地方。


今年3月,林爱莲获得第20届“新加坡商业奖”的大奖——“杰出商人奖”,成为第一位获得这一荣誉的女企业家。她幽默地告诉记者,新加坡“杰出商人奖”之所以等了20年才等到一名女性得主,是因为“20年前,我才20多岁”。 在颁奖典礼致辞中,林爱莲说:“我从来没有听到过任何一帆风顺的成功故事,也没有听说过任何没有遇到过挑战的成功企业,但我清楚地知道,信心就是把握自己的希望,坚信那些还没有实现的梦想。”

****************My predict****************

22/10/2007--- will a black monday , Malaysia( KLSE) will be a red colour.This just only my predict ,because 19/10/2007 US market was dropped more than 300 point, It is a bad signal.What should we do ? sell all the share market in monday or play the future contract.Ican't give any suggest .

***********BREAKING NEWS*********************

Reportedly touted as “Malaysia’s Onassis” by former finance minister Tun Daim Zainuddin, Tan Sri Amin Shah Omar Shah has now been officially declared a bankrupt

more info :
**********Art of WAR***********

With regard to ground of this nature, be before the enemy in occupying the raised and sunny spots, and carefully guard your line of supplies. Then you will be able to fight with advantage.

Friday, October 19, 2007

19.10.2007---Today me sick already, i think is fewer,yesterday the cruel oil price is over 90us dolar,It effect today market (KLSE)drop 6 poin, and more than 600 stock drop.Today is a red market and some special stock was rise many
.Example:Kossan(7153) it is a rubber industry company , it rise 0.78 sen in last deal ,that is because got 10lot deal at RM 4.80.WHy that people wan buy in high price,the anwser only buyer know.
Tips to keep us not fall in sick is drink more water.^^today I drink almost more than 15 bottle water and go toilet many time.Now I no fewer already.Water is the good and cheap medicne of all.Wish me get well soon ^^.WHen I was sick I was miss her.(SECET)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cash book very Important for a business:

Cash book:

Cash book is the final record of all money that come into and goes out of your business .We can see the cash flow frow the cash book.It is a important for a business.

How to prepare it:
  1. You sohuld prepare a long book and seprate to few categori.
  2. You should collect all the receipt ,bank statement, copy of your invoice ,copy of Delivery order,supplier invoice,copy of your own invoice ,all the copy of the payment made or receive.
  3. THen you can seprate to two section in you cash book :Payment and receive
  4. FIll in the data accordding the receipt or copy of payment and your income.
  5. According wheather is by Cash ,bank or credit card.
  6. At last day of the month calculate the balance.
  7. Remenber income put in debit side(left hand side), payment put at kredit side(right hand side) and remember record the detail with the amount.

Advantage to prepare a cash book:


  • You can eassily know where is you cash flow
  • You can check back where your money come and where you money go
  • You can take to referrece the monthly bank statement .See which cheque is cancelled or..................
  • You also can reference the debt balance with cash book.
  • Cash book is important to make one accaunt for your business.

WIthout cash book we cannot monitor our business and can't calculate our nett profit and asset .Are you already prepare cash book for your business?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Breaking news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16/10/2007---------***Today breaking news***

CRUOIL Price:-------us dolar87.7 +1.60=RM295.54
The cruoil price reach the highest price yester day in US market,it effect almost whole world share market drop.I think it will raise until 90$us dolar in short term Should me decide to sell my car and take bus .^^
KLSE today was dropped about 2point.Althought not so many, but it will bring a bad economy in the future addon the secondary house loan in US start to become bad,many US people cannot pay the house loan and become bankrupt ,this will make the bank increase their bad debt .
My conclusion is the world finiancial criss comming soon,now not a good time to invest,lets keep the money to FD(fix deposit).

Sunday, October 14, 2007


This is a agency that provide by govement to help the people in finiancial problem:

Today i open news paper ,I seek this advertisement,It may be help ful to everyone in Malaysia, AKPK is an agency set up by Bank Negara Malaysia to provide
  • money management
  • credit counselling education
  • loan restructuring services to individuals

Their services is offered free of charge.

Requitment and condition:

People that :

  • Not an undischarged bankrupt
  • Individuals unable to manage their own debts
  • Must have positive net income
  • Not under advanced legal action
  • No advanced litigation taken by non-financial institution
  • No loans taken from institutions not regulated by Bank Negara
  • Loan exposure of less than RM2million

Application Form condition:

  • Photocopies of your salary slips for last 3 months
  • income and expense statements if self employed
  • Photocopy of your BE Form and EA statement
  • Credit card statements for last 3 months
  • Application forms can be obtained from
    AKPK office branches of financial services providers
    branches of Bank Negara Malaysia .


Saturday, October 13, 2007


Saving is good for our future,we can get many benefit when we have this attitude .The profesional say: we should prepare about 6 month salary for our saving .What benefit when we saving?

  • We can use it when something emergency happen
  • We can make our hope become truth.Example:Travel around the world,build a dream house or a dream car
  • We also can invest our saving money to make more money.Example : unit trust,small business and share market.
  • We also can use that money for our education or our child education
  • With saving, can control us without spend our money maksimum.

Saving can make our life better and make us no to face for the finiancial problem, so saving is important for a individul,a family ,even a country.How to saving???

  1. We can control ourself saving minimum Rm1 per day
  2. We can put the saving money into a bank with open a saving account .
  3. When you have a certain amount of saving you can put in Fix deposit to get more higher interest with low risk.
  4. Beside this you also can invest a medium risk unit trust ,it maybe give u dividen that higher then fix deposit.
  5. Share market is that higher risk finiance product, but it can give u a great return but also can make u loss all your saving.
  6. Another idea is buy some prenium,it can be saving/investment and also give u a protection for your life.

My suggest is your can make your saving to few investment 40%for fix deposit /saving account, 30%for your unit trust because the risk not so high but can get more dividen,20%for your prenium that can protect us in life and also can be a investment product ,and lastly 10 %for share market because it is the most high risk investment product.Remind ,Don't try to invest share market without any knowledge ,you should get more knowledge before invest share ,If you invest share without knowledge,you will get another thing, that is experience,but this thing will make you pay(loss) fee for this knowledge.SO be prepare before involve in this market.


Friday, October 12, 2007

Why no money?

Why people always say no money?Because their do not plan for their own finiancial properly.When your spend more than your income and without saving in a month.That mean there is a problem in your individu finiancial.
When you face this problem, don't want nervous and try to get more money from the illegal or legal Finiance Agency to slove this money problem(not enough money to spend).This will make more problem for you monthly finiancial .Example:credit card,personal loan.......
Those Finiance Agency product will make you more spend in future.EXample :

Those fee will make you future more worst.THen how to solve this problem:


How to that:

  1. We can list out our nett income
  2. We can list out our spend
  3. We try to control our desire
  4. We can try to live a simple life with basic living need(small house,small car or motor,eat lightly..........)
  5. After that, we only try to increase our income (working part time,find some MLM ,try to earn commision, invest some low risk investment, find some job provide living place and other benefit )but don' try to invest share market,because it is a HIGH risk market.
  6. When you keep this life style longer, you will find many benefit to you,when you have extra money must remember to SAVING.

**********Why Saving...................................(to be continue ^^ I gtg bye)***********

international reserve

International Reserves of BNM as at 28 September 2007
The international reserves of Bank Negara Malaysia amounted to= RM335.4 billion (equivalent to USD98.2 billion)
The reserves level as at 28 September 2007 has taken into account the quarterly revaluation gain, following the strengthening of the major currencies against ringgit during the third quarter.
The reserves position is sufficient to finance: 8.8 months of retained imports and is 7.1 times the short-term external debt.

Monday, October 1, 2007

HAPPY Birthday to someone 生日快乐

Wish someone HAPPY BIRTHDAY in 2 oktober be happy forever ........

<<<< Do you like this mini cake ^^

What is your wish plz said it here ________________^^
WHat present you want plz say it here______________^^

*** Selamat hari jadi***

Saturday, September 29, 2007

My trial EXAM comig .......

My second SPM trial akready STARTED
From 27/9/2007-----12/10/2007
I decide to stop update until the SPM trial finish.Hope all the SPM stuent get a NICE result.ANy comment about my blog still can
msn me : or put the messenge in chat box(CAKAP APA ZONE )
*****Thanks For visit my blog and hope u enjoy it and have a nice day*****^^

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My dairy--25/9/2007--中秋节快乐(mooncake festival)

Happy Mooncake Festival:
25/9/2007---TOday is mooncake festival,why call it mooncake festival??because this day we must eat moonkcake.....
TOday I no go school because (20%lazy,40%boring,40%Fewer).I wake up at 8am , and quicklly go take bath and take my breakfast then follow my father go work.
At 5 Pm we only come back home ,a very tired day, when reach home mother already cook many type of delicious food.After that I go back to my room and start my research of market about 3 hour........
When 10pm , my eyes feel tired and go bed and sleep,this year my house no celebrate for mooncake festival, a lonely festival in tihs year, I remember last year I live in kampung(village),many of friend play tanglung eat mooncake, play fire work,everyyear also got 1 nice mooncake festival but, this year I move to city ,and no more friend and firework.....Hope next year will have a great celebration for this festival.
TOday my spend ===RM0

TOp of TOday25/9/07

Top Gainers:

Top Losers:
BURSA ------------(-0.600 )

Top Volume:
----------------582283 vol


********THE ART OF WAR:孫子兵法 *********

Sun Tzu said: The control of a large force is the same principle as the control of a few men
it is merely a question of dividing up their numbers.

Fighting with a large army under your command is nowise different from fighting with a small one, it is merely a question of instituting signs and signals.

USD-------RM3.4355=1Us dolar


Monday, September 24, 2007

TOday TOP24/9/2007

Top Gainers--------CHMOBIL-C2-----+6.000

Top Losers---------GPLUS------------(-0.530 )

Top Volume----------IRIS------------579252vol
Exchange rate:

GBP-----RM6.9491-----1 gb

CRUOIL------ 81.6us dolar ---- (-0.8 )

The art of war:孫子兵法

When seeking to determine the conditions obtaining in the field.

These are:

  • The Moral Law
  • The Commander
  • Method and discipline.

****The Moral Law causes the people to be in complete accord with their ruler, so that they will follow him regardless of their lives, undismayed by any danger*******


Today Spot :

    Symbol & Code : BURSA (1818)
    Board : Main
    Industry : Finance

24/9/2007---close market price--RM11.200--- +1.100

***second top gained of today,this company is a govement link company,have a stable and high dividen,it is a long term investment stock.*****

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lets Us pray for our Malaysia HERO-Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad

Let us pray for Malaysia Ex PM:
Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad
December 20 1925 is the former Prime Minister of Malaysia. He held the post from 1981 to 2003. During his term in office he was credited for engineering Malaysia's rapid modernization and promoting "Asian values". He is also known for his sharp criticisms of foreign powers.
Latest News: 23/9/2007:
Malaysia's Mahathir has surgery for chest infection--
KUALA LUMPUR--Former Malaysian premier Mahathir Mohamad has had further surgery and has been put on a respirator after a recent heart bypass caused a chest infection, an aide said Sunday.
Sufi Yusof said the next 72 hours will be the crucial period in Mahathir's post-operative care, adding that the ex-prime minister was in stable condition.
"He is on post-cardiac surgery support. Mahathir is not conscious and is breathing with the support of a respirator," he told AFP.
Sufi said Mahathir had the three-hour procedure late Saturday to remove infected tissue from his chest.
"Mahathir is expected to remain on support for at least 36 hours for post-operative care," he said.
Mahathir, who underwent a five-hour heart operation on September 4, was reportedly making a rapid recovery. He previously had bypass surgery in 1989.

Mahathir resigned in 2003 after 22 years in power, handing the reins over to the current prime minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.Despite retiring from office, Mahathir remains a hugely influential figure and has become an outspoken critic of his successor, accusing him of economic mismanagement, nepotism and corruption.
Wish Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad GET WELL SOON
Semoga Beliau sihat selalu