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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

DO you know when is the stock drop???

WHen the share market drop???


  1. The market volume not normal ,suddenlly too high

  2. The market rise without any strong support news

  3. Everybody ask about what is stock market even you son/grandmother

  4. THe first page of the news paper is discuss stock market rise

  5. Create a high record in share market index

  6. Many people start to open accaunt and invest in stock market

  7. The stock market is full of people
  8. No body believe if you share the market is drop

  9. Every investor in a high /happy mood

  10. In front the monitor, almost everyday is green digit and less people sell

When this 10 point is happen in your country or you town ,the bear market will drop soon,but many people no believe the market will drop at that time,everybody will feel happy and cannot sleep,But when the bull market start to turn to bear market,everybody start to scared and sell at any price, this is the only time to buy in share,because the seller will sell at a low price.At that time also many people regret and said 5 word *WHy i no sell yesterday*

WHen the bear market is coming, the smart investor only start to buy in at this time,in share market cannot be a emotional human,be cool down in stock market,all the media and friend talking topic will make you become not rasional.

Be cool down always is one of the good habbit to earn money in stock market,we must to guess when is bull market ,when is bear market,this can make you not loss money in stock market,Try to have a future sight ,then you will be success in your investment and your future life.

not be so happy when you see the Green digit/bull market

not be so sad when you see the red digit /bear market

because after bull market is bear market,after bear market will change back to another bull market .

  • bull market--all the stock raise
  • bear market--all the stock drop

#why call bull market,because when the market is good many people will run to share market to buy share,this screen look like many bull inmarket ,so the people say bull market when the market is good.#

*this is only my opinon,ask your remisier before investment*

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