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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

31/10/2007----Today is wednesday, I drive to school today, my class only have 2 people come,me do own study in class.12.20pm,I and my friend get the leaving slip, and go out to school, they bring me to ASIA CAFE at ss15,I order some food then we eat together.

AFter that , we go SUNWAY pyramid shopping together .2pm, they go back home but me stary at there and go Popular book shop shopping, I buy two book from there (法家,曾国蕃),1 is about law of china another 1 is about a Great leader in china.I love this 2 book and buy it .I meet her and two of my classmate at the popular bookstore..............but everything already pass .
THen I run to tuisyen centre, today is the last day of prinsip akaun class, I enjoy study this subjek,I also exchange name card to that teacher, because he want introduce me to LCCI for study accaunt at kl(Kasturi).
THen I drive back to home (6pm)there are a traffic jam at the LDP toll.I spend about half hour go home,and having my dinner at home.THen I do wat I do usualy ...research the market,online........... THen I go back sleep when I feel tired.Today just a normal day and also a bored day,life is so bored.Hope tomolo having a nice day .^^
TOday spend:Lunch (Japan food and teh ais)=RM7.50
Popular book :RM47.80
LDP toll :RM3.60
TOtal:RM58.90(over budget)

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