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Friday, December 7, 2007

8/1/2007-TOday is saturday, I wake up early and nth to do , this is the third day I after SPM,I still no job,.....,I drive to my father factory ,but also nth to do at there,I feel useless.

at 1pm, today I stil continue with my part time job (streamyx agen), this job is help people apply internet in MALAYSIA. I work this job since me FORM 3 in my secondary school.It is a low pay job, but is a relaxing job,just sitting there and wait for customer.

I suddenlly no energy and feel of love, maybe I still nth to do in my daily time.At 10.30pm,I go back from work.It is a tired job, I start to feel many people in this society work so hard and only earn little bit money.

After SPM I still can't find any new friend and new life, but look like will hav a dark future .Jobless ,no friend, hard to find colledge because ENglish only just pass, although got many A &B at other subjek.What can i do in future, can anyone tell me?

***Anyway, I will try my best to continue....Hope tomorrow will better***

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