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Monday, October 22, 2007

Exchange rate:
22/10/2007----RM3.3775= us dolar 1

22/10/2007---Today my school reopen ,me go back my school, last friday Us was dropped more than 300 point, today Malaysia also no except drop 19 point and more than 800 stock drop.TOday is a bad market moord to world stock market.But the cruel oil price was started to drop unitl 88us dolar.

Today me go school like normal,today my school got accaunt exam,Ivery happy because I can do the exam with confident and well.Another hand, today my math paper marks was ver low is about 33 marks.This result , I think cannot apply for colledge.I very worried about this hope can try my best to learn math well before thatSPM (12/11/2007).

After school, I was walk to the tuisyen centre,before going the tuisyen centre I was eat my lunch in a mamak Stall,today I was happy to chat with someone in tusyen centre.After tuysen, I was go back HOMe, I was see a letter ,that letter is from Bursamalaysia.I open it and see GTRONIC , that give me dividen about RM548.94.This is the third time I get dividen in this year with this company.

I was feel happy and think how to spend this pocket money.After readding the newspaper ,I was tired and go to bed for sleep.Hope tomolo will be a better day.
My spend :Lunch(teh ais+indo mee) =RM4.20

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