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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Last day in Sri sedaya

27/10/2007---Today is my school Graduation ceremony, I today drive to the school ,today the LDP toll no traffic jam ,I spent about 15 minute already reach my school,today is my last day in Sri sedaya ,my secondary school in my life.I give my trial result today the result is 3 A1, 4B,2C,2P.I very happy because my prinsip akaun,ekonomi asas and seni get A1, but also my MATH and english get failed.Maybe I cannot apply colledge with this requitment.I decide to study LCCI on next year.

After 1.20pm, I drive my car go Giant bandar puteri to work my part time ,before working I go eat my lunch time at the nearst chinese restaurant,then I go see back my old friend ,who wit me together in the tmnet counter last time ,I go back tmnet working again as a part time agen.But she alredy stop working at giant........

When I try to ask her friend ,her friend tell me she working at sunway redbox now.I think should forgot her as fast as posibble.

******** 爱一个人是无法忘记的,唯一的方法只有淡忘她 *******

Today Giant puchong so quiet, me only get 1 customer that is wan to update his streamyx.Two of my friend also zero sale for today.At 10 pm, me and 1 of my friend closing the counter.Then I drive back to home, my leg feel very pain .After take bath, I go bed and sleep.Hope tomolo will be a nice day^^.


Today spend:

LDP toll =RM3.20

Lunch(yeemee+bali ais)=RM5.00

Dinner(two bread)=RM3.20


Friday, October 26, 2007

26/10/2007----TOday I no go school ,I go my friend house help him fix the internet connection at Kota kemuning,about 3pm, I come back to my father office, there are some problem happen there,me and my brother and other straff working untill 8pm only come back .

Although the cruel oil price raise over 90 us dolar, but KLSE today reach 1398.35 (+20.08) create a new record, and more than 600 stock raise.That say is because many foreign investment in Malaysia because of the not stable US market.

Tomolo is my Graduation ceremony, after this I finally can official leave this sad menmory school.After I come back home, I feel tired because stay at my father office until 8pm, add on tomolo wan wake up early for that ceremony,so i decide to sleep early.HOpe tomolo have a better day.^^

Today spend:Lunch:Wantan mee===RM4

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bank negare latest news:
International Reserves of BNM as at 12 October 2007:
RM336.5 billion (equivalent to USD98.5 billion) .

-The reserves position is sufficient to finance 8.6 months of retained imports and is 7.2 times the short-term external debt.

25/10/2007----TOday is my last day in school, I taking all my book to home from my locker>Today I feel happy finally finish my high school,I study in SRi sedaya already 5 year since form 1.There got some my sweet menmory but also got bad menmory.TOday my class mate order some pizza eatting in canteen.THey plan to go Penang after SPM, but not include me.I tihnk my social skill not really good, for them me only a super normal friend although already 5 year classmate.Maybe I cannot have so good skill to having friend.BUt nevermine all is over,after today I can leave this school, and start my new life/journey.

I hope can start a new life after leaving this high school.I today was got some feeling when she apear in school today, maybe this is a wrong feeling.I this is not the feeling of Love.I know she imporsible........Love for me is a MI(mission imposible).But beside love still got family ,SO I decide to put my family first.

Nevermine, I will find my love after that, now i try to study hard to get more knowledge to make myself more smart.My math paper failed alraedy only 33 is Failed marks, my english also failed already only 46.I this result cannot make me go to the colledge.What is my future ,I still feel lost.I believe the god already make the journey for us.SO I not to worried this.

Today I drive back to the bengkel to adjust my car radio to better, then I only go back to home,today Malaysia share market not bad raise about 18 point and more than 50% of the listed company is raise , I do like normally wat I do, research market by internet,newspaper,forum................(scret),after research, I go chatting with my msn friend.I start to feel no more friend in my realiti world ,I start to find friendship in internet world.I start to enjoy chatting with someone I duno and cannot see each other, I spend more than 5 hour to online in msn.I tihnk I already becoming addicted by this internet world.How can I go out of this,Who can help?

Since that time I scoled 1 of my friend ,I start to keep myself alone,no body understand this and help me to repair that friendship, I first time broke my friendship, I still remember that time is happen in 1 secience extra class, he playing my bag, I scoled him,then he angry with my .From that time I know friendship is so weak for me.Who is he??(Scret) I think when he read this, he will know.I really can say sorry to him but me cannot open my mouth.But I tihnk no change this is the last year.Hope can be friend when Next life.^^

TOday no mood to write more, I wish all the friend is this world friendship forever and Treasuring your friendship.Today I feel unlucky ,At school, today I know me is not so important for my friend although I try my best to improve it but still.....I start to feel tired......I forgot to pick my neighbour back from school because I playing badminton in hall,he angry to me already,when come back home,I put my brother car away from the wet place.He scoled me say next time dun put his car so far,actually also not so far just next to my house.

I start to thinkking, my father always say wan me together my brother to improve his business.But Ican take the future must be many thing happen ,Example fight with my brother when idea not same and many many thing,my brother got his own mine,and me also got my own mine.To avoid quarrelling, I think I not suitable to improve my father business together ,first I not really understand what my father business work as,I also not enough knowledge just like my brother always say :my still Kids duno anything.My point/view with my brother totally different. I decide to let my brother to work for my father business and give some help if he need,I find a job at the society to get more experience and knowledge.I tihnk I cannot work in same company with my brother.because if work in same company, I can see the future is............................

TOday i was decide 2 thing, the first one is I neverthink about love anymore before I sucess,because love must base on the people which is got enough strenght or to protect that people.I tihnk I still dun hav the LOVE requitment.Second is I still cannot work same company with my brother after me Graduation,because I not enough experience and knowledge as my brother always say. I will help him when he need my help.Maybe I will find another job in outside.Maybe I will learn more independent when I work for other people company.Again lastly me wan to say HOPE tomolo having a nice day.^^

TOday me spend:

luch time :pizza(farewell)=RM6.50
Tea ais:RM1.50
TOll fee=RM3.20
totally =RM11.20
My pocket money is RM10 per day = - RM1.20

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

24/8/2007---TOday I morning I drive car with my neighbour, go to school today the LDP toll really traffic jam,I spend almost 1 hour only reach my school.I almost late for school today.TOday my teacher say this saturday is Farewell party, my 5 year secondary school almost finish.

I start to worried wat I have to do after SPM.SOme people say duno,some people say I got the plan and ................Today i get my chinese paper marks is 64.But is lower than first trial exam.But I still feel happy with that marks, because at least pass.

Today my school not many people come to class,their all home study.RIng......3.30pm finish school.I drive my car to the pertol station.I go pay RM30 and start to pump the pertol.Very fast the petrol go in with in a minute.( I first time go Cartex petrol station, their have 2 type petrol 1 is gold colour, 1 is red colour, GOld colour is better quality,the red colour is more cheap is RM1.88 because it is low quality petrol.)

After that I drive out petrol statiom, but my car the petrol meter no run as all,I go back the petrol station and ask for the shopkeeper,then the shopkeeper let me know to pump got problem,so their give me go to second pump to put petrol agian.FInally I get my RM30 petrol into my car.

THen I drive to the mamak stall and hav my lunch.After finish my lunch, I go to tuisyen centre, today is Prinsip accaunt.The teacher introduce me go study after LCCI.LCCI only nid 10 month and cheap to study about RM2k.THat is study for accaunt.THen I can go direct to second year of universiti for degree.SO total is 3 year spend.

This suggest make me got some hope for my future. I trying to find more detail about LCCI from internet.Today share market was not stable in KLSE,a new list company=VOIR,a fesyen company was listed today.

After research the share market,I feel tired and go to bed and sleep.Hope tomolo have a nice day.^^




Lunch(indomee +teh ais)=RM4.20

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

23/10/2007----TOday drive car to school,today I get my prisip akaun paper, I get 78 marks, and sains paper 58 marks,I very happy because I first time pass my Sains paper,actually all my english subjek very poor .
TOday I try to learn math from my friend.I try to study hard hope can be pass my math is math paper.TOday the share market start to maintain to GREEN.When I go back home , I was see 1 news from Internet that is :
Malaysian tycoon Lim Goh Tong, a self-made billionaire who founded casinos-to-oil group Genting Bhd, died on Tuesday aged 89.

Lim, Malaysia's third-richest individual with a net worth of $4.3 billion (2.1 billion pounds) according to Forbes magazine, died at a medical centre on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, said grandson Justin Leong, Genting's head of strategic investments.

"He died peacefully in his sleep," Leong said.

Lim retired as group chairman at end-2003 and took no further part in running the business he set up in 1965. Genting is now run by his son, Lim Kok Thay, who is chairman and CEO.

Shares in Genting, which is building a $3.4 billion casino in Singapore as part of a major overseas expansion, did not move on the news. A broker said most investors were aware that the founder had handed over management to his heirs many years ago.
History of Uncle LIM:
Local newspapers give slightly differing accounts of Lim's early life but agree he was born in southern China, finished his education at high school and later sailed to Malaysia before the outbreak of World War Two to seek his fortune.

There is some confusion over the media-shy Lim's age. His autobiography and newspapers give his birth date as 1918, but he publicly celebrated his 90th birthday at a party in April. In some Asian cultures, newborns start life with the age of one, not zero as in the West.

He found work as a building contractor and in the 1960s came up with the idea to develop a hilltop resort in mountain jungles near Kuala Lumpur. Genting Highlands became a major casino resort and fuelled the group's growth into other areas such as plantations, property, power generation and oil and gas.

Genting has recently expanded beyond mainly Muslim Malaysia, winning the Singapore casino contract last December and taking over British casino operator Stanley Leisure. It also has an interest in cruise line Star Cruises Ltd

The group's other listed companies are Asiatic Development, Resort World and Genting International

Monday, October 22, 2007

Exchange rate:
22/10/2007----RM3.3775= us dolar 1

22/10/2007---Today my school reopen ,me go back my school, last friday Us was dropped more than 300 point, today Malaysia also no except drop 19 point and more than 800 stock drop.TOday is a bad market moord to world stock market.But the cruel oil price was started to drop unitl 88us dolar.

Today me go school like normal,today my school got accaunt exam,Ivery happy because I can do the exam with confident and well.Another hand, today my math paper marks was ver low is about 33 marks.This result , I think cannot apply for colledge.I very worried about this hope can try my best to learn math well before thatSPM (12/11/2007).

After school, I was walk to the tuisyen centre,before going the tuisyen centre I was eat my lunch in a mamak Stall,today I was happy to chat with someone in tusyen centre.After tuysen, I was go back HOMe, I was see a letter ,that letter is from Bursamalaysia.I open it and see GTRONIC , that give me dividen about RM548.94.This is the third time I get dividen in this year with this company.

I was feel happy and think how to spend this pocket money.After readding the newspaper ,I was tired and go to bed for sleep.Hope tomolo will be a better day.
My spend :Lunch(teh ais+indo mee) =RM4.20