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Thursday, November 1, 2007

1/11/2007-----Today is the first day of november, My life become bored, 10 more day is SPM already, me as a exam student still dun hav mood to study, even touch the book ,I feel bored in study , this is the big problem for a exam student.

Today 9 am ,I still go my father office work as a clerk ,help him type the invois , statement...........and learn some business magnement with my father accaunt clerk. I learn many thing today but not study,afternoon , my father buy me my favourite food , Chincken rice.

About 5.30pm ,I pick my cousin go back to home, he is a good straf and working with my father more than 18 year.I meet my primary friend at there, he move to a big house, he want invite me go his new house but me too tired so I go back home first.

After take bath ,I go take my dinner and see a while movie , then I come to update this blog and research the market.Yesterday the cruel oil price already reach over 95 us dolar,this is a emergency signal to the world ,sometihng will happen soon, a chinese book say, when something reach the klimaks,then the graft will drop soon, this is a natural signal can found in all the living thing .It is a nice teori.I feel life getting bored, hopoe tomolo will be more happy and good luck everyday.^^

****Hope all the people be SMILE always****

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