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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

26/12/2007---THe Chrismas was finished, today my supervisor call me , he call me go interview Sri petaling Clicker tomolo, hope can get that job.If I can get the job I can go take LRT to Petaling street to taking LCCI at night.

If cannot get the job, I may plan another plan.TOday still a rainig day in Malaysia,I feel my father become very old , I think he too tired to think so much think and working, I feel sad because cannot giving any help, I still can't find any job to become indepandent.I still some time get pocket money from him.

TOday my cousin work until 7pm , me wait him and pick him go back home ,GTRONIC already few day become TOp volume , What happen to GTRONIC???THe people wan goreng this stock from low price ??Because this few day the Trading price is only RM0.25, and large volume.SOmething will happen maybe.

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