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Thursday, August 16, 2007

How to be a lawyer in Malaysia??

this is a system in Malaysia that let you know how to u be a lawyer in Malaysia.
WHat is Profesional job ??Doctor,Lawyer..........
If you want be a lawyer,you must get your pre U/A level/STPM,then you can go colledge or universiti take LAW for about 4 year,when you pass the test then you can go FIRM to work and get experience about 9 month,FInally can get a lience of lawyer in Malaysia.
Why I suddenlly so interesting in lawyer,because my family want me become a lawyer in future, because my family don't have any Lawyer.I know that is hard but I will try my best.Wish me good luck hehe^^.

Market dropping dairy at 16/8/2007

16/8/2007---TOday me ponteng school because tomolo is cantin day,so the teacher must be busy for canteen day.TOday 7.30am I wake up and open computer,yesterday us market still dropping about 160point.
I predict today Malaysiaalso will drop ,then I go eat my breakfast with my familly.Today they talk about my future life,My mother sugest me go study law,because my familly no profesional guy.My father is business man,my sister is insurance agent,my brother help my father in business.SO they suggest me go be a lawyer.
I think lawyer is diffcult and I feel tension on it, but my family want me be lawyer so I try me best .After that I follow my father go office .I try to write invois in office.WHen lunch time I follow my brother go eatat the nearest restaurant.WHen i open the computer to research today market,my predict was became real,Malaysia market today drop almost 30 point-40 point.Many people in forum also ask for are this market continue drop???
At 7pm I finally can go back home,and eat my dinner.My body in tired because whole day stay at factory .I open the computer and research the share market today,whole world market include china also drop.Are this is like 1997 finiancial criss???because last time got people predict every 10year the finiancial criss will happen .This year is 2007,so that mean the predict is real, but this cannot say it too early.Market is make up by human,we must trust it after drop is raise.THe winner of today is future contract investor,If they buy short,they can earn RM50 per point.
About 10pm,I lastlly update my blog and try to find more infomation about lawyer.I try my best for lawyer.THen I will say good nite to everyone.HOpe tomolo have a GREEN market
国家银行发表的汇率行情: exchange rate at 16/8/2007

news: yesterday Us market continue drop (-160 point),so that was effect today KLSE Malaysia &global market drop .Are the finiancial criss comming nobody know,but that 1 think I know is until now Malaysia central bank still not help the market.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

my favourite lesson

  1. No risk no earn
  2. share market equal to casino
  3. Share maket will not always rise
  4. Don be happy when share market raising,Don be sad when share market dropping.
  5. Don let share market effect your emotion in daily life
  6. Share market is a investment type not playing
  7. 100% understand the share market rule only start this investment
  8. Never take share market as your full investment
  9. Share market will also not always drop
  10. Remember share market is a demand market.

My dairy at 14/8/2007

14/8/2007----TOday wake up early,and go school like normal,reach school 7.40.THen I go down line up .
Today is a boring day,many teacher no come,beside SENI and Accaunt perior ,I nothing to do,some teacher no come, some teacher say teach finish so no study.
TOday lunch time , I go computer lab alone,I search some share market net at there, I learn many thing from net.
About3.30pm , my father wait me at the school guard house,then we go buy macdonald eat and then we go back office.I now start to write invois and statement for my father business.
about 7 pm we go back home together,then eat dinner together, I feel very happy can work together with father ,better than school life.THen I doing myshare market repot and research with about few hour.About10pm i felt tired and go to bed sleep.HOpe tomolo have a nice day.^^

Monday, August 13, 2007


DO you know???

DO you know when a company listed on Share market,the company name and symbol will always change.Example :KEMAS change to ECOFIRS.
(Symbol & Code : ECOFIRS (3557))

So sometime you will see your stock name will disappear in BursaMalaysia if that company change the symbol .On this time not the company bankrupt or downlsted ,that is the company change to another name

SO how??

ALthough the stock name can always change but the code of the stock will remain same.Example KEMAS(3557) , after change the stock name to ECOFIRSTS,the code still remain 3557.

SO when you buy a share you must know the stock name and also the stock code.Do you know what is your stock code???

my diary at 13/8/2007


----TOday is school day no more weekend,I wan to force myself wakeup early,then go to school at 7am.Me alone eating my bread in the class,no teacher know me in the class eating because I close the classroom light.

When 1pm is my lunch time,I like normal go library play computer,I research stock market and my blog at there.At noon, the Malaysia and other asia share market start to back to the normal,I think is because the bank negara throw money to help the share market.

After finish school ,I from my school walk to the SUnway pyramid about walking half hour, then I only reach my tusyen centre,I was tired before walk in tuisyen centre, I go to a mamak restaurant eat a plate INDO mee and 1 Teh ice.THis menu I never change before.The price is RM4.20.

WHen 7pm I go back my home and eat my dinner.THen I go computer research the share market, and visit the forum and update my blog,I spend many time for using internet, today got 1 share out of PN17 and the stock price raise 200% in 1 day..About 10pm. I start feel sleepy .This was a boring day for me because got some teacher no come today.Wish Malaysia share market will continue the bull market.

1 news

HOt news:
Symbol & Code :
BHIC (8133)
Board : Main
Industry : Industrial Products

this stock today closing price at RM2.990 =+1.990 (199.00%)
*TOp Gain stock today:the stock price raise almost 200% in 1 day because this company out from the list of PN17, and started have profit.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

My dairy at 12/8/2007

12/8/2007---TOday is SUNday,everbody like sunday but me not really like sunday because sunday very boring nothing to do.Today my mother and my father go back my grandmother house,so no body at home.I was feel lonely and go bookshop buy 1 book call(易经)yi jing.
I like this book so much ,it include many lesson and advice,this book has about 265 page,I start read it at 2.30pm.It was really a good book to read it teach us everything is this world will change,when someting reach the climaks, it will be slowly end because by many factor.Example when a moon become full moon,after that the moon will become half moon.SO we must be carefull when our life reach climaks.
about 4pm I feel hungry because I forgot to eat my lunch,I quicklly go kitchen and start cooking maggie mee,about 5 minute ,my lunch already can be serve.
After eat my lunch I continue read that book.WHen 7pm my parent come back form my grandmother house and my MSN messenger show many messege.I stop reading book and replay them.After that ,My parent bring me go eat my dinner.After DInner I continue read my book.About 8.30pm,I finally finish my book.This book make me learn many thing and knowledge.Tomolo is Malaysia market open market ,many people ask in forum about the market will continue drop or raise.
THen i start to research the Malaysia market about 1 hour and update my blog.Although today no go anywhere shopping, but I get read a nice book.Hope tomolo market have a bull market,since 1987,1997 finiancial criss, I think many country start to prevent finiancial criss and have many international reserve,Malaysia now already have RM340.1 billion in Bank negara for international reserve.I think this is only a adjustment for share market,the fake will be break one day if all the investor calm down.Share market is make up/control by human.