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Saturday, August 25, 2007

5 listed company that.....

  1. TM
  2. HLbank
  3. Maybank
  4. BAT
  5. MISC

This 5 company stock market price always maintain in a price level

  • TM=
  • HLbank=
  • Maybank=
  • Bat=
  • MISC=

GIve me comment about why??they want keep their company price not so high,prevent over buyer??

my Dairy 25/8/2007

25/8/2007---Today I wake up early but not go school is go attend a driving lesen cause.(khusus amali)

From9am until 2pm, that is 6 hour and sit in a room listen a people talking ,talking,talking many thing.^^got little bit boring,a guy that sit beside me was fall into sleep.

About 2.30pm, the diving school agen bring me go back home,he tell me next thursday ,Ican get my L lesen.(L lesen is =Learinig lesen) ,so i can start learn to drive car from next friday,then I can go register P lesen for drive on the road.

WHen come back home ,I was tired because sit 6 hour in a room ,I was fall into sleep,when I wake up already 8pm.I feel hungry and quickly go eat my dinner.After that I go play a game that I buy yesterday by using Ps2.That is a fun game.Before sleep I was update my blog and visit my favourite forum (

About11pm, I was feel tired and close computer.Hope tomolo have a GREAT day ^^.
TOday my spend is :

  • L lesen =RM300
  • Lunch(2 roti)=RM1

Thursday, August 23, 2007

You Tube





只需有千人瀏覽,即可穩袋20美元(約156港元), YouTube會將收益與短片提供者五五分賬。

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My diairy at22/8/07

22/8/2007--TOday is my school holiday but My school got study camp,I wake up late today,when reach school already 10am,the study camp already start halfway.

I try my best to follow back what the teacher teach.At 2pm ,the study camp was finish, I take my beg go home,my best freind,Kenneth was let me test to drive his car.This is the second time I drive car without lesen .Haha^^ but nvm this saturday I will go take car lesen.

about 3.15pm ops, me forgot to go tuisyen,I quicklly run to the tuisyen centre,is just infront of the SUnway pyramid,I was five year study in bandar SUnway,this shopping centre(sunway pyramid) almost like me and my friend meeting point.

7.30pm, I was go back home from bandar sunway,reach home I was feel tired but I still open internet to enjoy my research of share market,today the share market start to turn better and become stable back.

After 3 hour ,I lastlly update my dairy in this blog and visit to my favourite forum.Today is a happy day , hope tomolo having a better day.^^I decide to update my spend list since today.

Hon Fei spend list today :

  • Lunch(roti kosong+teh ais+milo ais)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Friend vacancy^^

Friendship Vacancy:
  • Name:honfei
  • age:17
  • hometown:Puchong
  • birthday date:19/8/1990
  • favourite book:History book
  • favourute drink&food:Indo mee&teh ais
  • favourite sport:Badminton
  • Hp: 0166108807(anyone want be friend can sms with me)

hope can find a friendlly friend ,and have a same hobby with me ,this vacancy is suggest by one of my friend his name is....(scret)^^

my diary---21/8/2007

21/8/07---Today I go to school early in the morning,today is ekonomi class,is a boring class,after the class me and my friend go to sunway pyramid play game,since I working part time from last year, this is my first time go cybercafe play game,I almost duno how to play.
WE enjoy the game untill 4.30 then i take my father car with him go back office ,I help him arrage the invois untill 7pm.I started to enjoy the office life.After that we both go back home and have a dinner.
Then I go back room and enjoy the internet, and research the share market about 4hour.Lastlly I update my blog and visit my favourite forum :
THen I feel tired and tomolo still need to go back school study SO i decide to sleep and good nite.Hope tomolo have a good luck day .^^

Monday, August 20, 2007


Birthday song:
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to HONFEI. Let Celebrate Today is 19 OGOS 2007 is my 17 year old birthday

At 19 ogos 1990, me was born in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur at 9.30am.I was live in Malaysia 17 year already,since I born I was learning many knowledge,my birthday is can learn more knowledge in my future life.
*NOW I can go register car lesen already hehe^^

----20/8/2007----TOday my computer just take back from repair ,sory for few day no update this blog,yesterday is my 17 year old birthday,thanks for those people that wish me .Hope you all good luck also.hehe.Now I 17 yeard old already.
TOday althought is School holiday but me still want go school for study camp I wake up early in the morning and go to school untill 12.30pm,then I follow my dad go back his office to manage the dokument and invois in the office,untill 8pm .The sky is dark but I not feel tired but happy,I was love to do those office job .
about 8.30 I and my father reach home,today i can update my blog already because my computer just take back from repair,last friday US bank was anoucement drop bank interest that is 0.5%.This was effect the market stop dropping and start to raise a bit .
Today Malaysia KLSE was raise over 50 point and over 1000 listed company price is raising,but many stock still haven raise back to the original price.IN this 2 week, those investor that invest future index was earning many .Example Malaysia future is RM50 per point,if drop 200point the future investor will earn RM10000. If they buy short,IF buy long that is loss RM10000 haha.Stock market is a adventure game,it can make a lot of fun and also SAD.
SOmetime stockmarket can make your life more colourful.Are you agree???