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Friday, December 7, 2007

8/1/2007-TOday is saturday, I wake up early and nth to do , this is the third day I after SPM,I still no job,.....,I drive to my father factory ,but also nth to do at there,I feel useless.

at 1pm, today I stil continue with my part time job (streamyx agen), this job is help people apply internet in MALAYSIA. I work this job since me FORM 3 in my secondary school.It is a low pay job, but is a relaxing job,just sitting there and wait for customer.

I suddenlly no energy and feel of love, maybe I still nth to do in my daily time.At 10.30pm,I go back from work.It is a tired job, I start to feel many people in this society work so hard and only earn little bit money.

After SPM I still can't find any new friend and new life, but look like will hav a dark future .Jobless ,no friend, hard to find colledge because ENglish only just pass, although got many A &B at other subjek.What can i do in future, can anyone tell me?

***Anyway, I will try my best to continue....Hope tomorrow will better***
7/12/2007---TOday I still cannot find my job ,I wake up morning but nth to do ,I go my father company, chatting at there, and help him write down invoice and Do.....

Today ,we work OT(overtime), until 8 pm, then only go back ,after that me taking bath and feel tired.THen I go back my room and visit the forum and other....and uptade my blog. a boring life.I not feel very good without a job.


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

6/12/2007---TOday i go interview a company call MULTICRANE SDN BHD, this is my first interview, it make me feel scared about Interview. She ask me many thing,make me feel useless in my life.many colledge no accept me.

I start to feel useless,no job , no girl friend, no friend ......

,I now totally no income , a dark future..HOpe will be happy toomlo.
5/12/2007---TOday is the first day, after me finish the SPM, today morning I birng my mum go see the doctor then I drive to my father working place,I feel bored on there,like nth to do ,I feel my future is so dark,no job , no love, no income, a failed life.

I try to find a job,my part time boss today call me , he wnat me work in time square.THen I go call a company to interview,they ask me tomolo go Interviem,is a clerk job .I very nervous about this job.HOpe tomolo will better.^^

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

4/12/2007--TOday is my last day of SPM,hav bahasa cina, and seni. Until 3.30pm,then I go ss15 ,find my cousin,he help me find colledge,we got go INTI,Taylor,and metobpolian.They dun wan to accept me becase I failed in English.

I tihnk I cannot go colledge already because of english not good.I feel a little bit upset about that . But nvm without colledge also can be very good.Be happy always.Start form tomolo I lost my job already and nth to do stay at home .