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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Last day in Sri sedaya

27/10/2007---Today is my school Graduation ceremony, I today drive to the school ,today the LDP toll no traffic jam ,I spent about 15 minute already reach my school,today is my last day in Sri sedaya ,my secondary school in my life.I give my trial result today the result is 3 A1, 4B,2C,2P.I very happy because my prinsip akaun,ekonomi asas and seni get A1, but also my MATH and english get failed.Maybe I cannot apply colledge with this requitment.I decide to study LCCI on next year.

After 1.20pm, I drive my car go Giant bandar puteri to work my part time ,before working I go eat my lunch time at the nearst chinese restaurant,then I go see back my old friend ,who wit me together in the tmnet counter last time ,I go back tmnet working again as a part time agen.But she alredy stop working at giant........

When I try to ask her friend ,her friend tell me she working at sunway redbox now.I think should forgot her as fast as posibble.

******** 爱一个人是无法忘记的,唯一的方法只有淡忘她 *******

Today Giant puchong so quiet, me only get 1 customer that is wan to update his streamyx.Two of my friend also zero sale for today.At 10 pm, me and 1 of my friend closing the counter.Then I drive back to home, my leg feel very pain .After take bath, I go bed and sleep.Hope tomolo will be a nice day^^.


Today spend:

LDP toll =RM3.20

Lunch(yeemee+bali ais)=RM5.00

Dinner(two bread)=RM3.20


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