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Friday, August 3, 2007

If you got RM10000???

If you want invest RM10000 in share market, you will throw them in 1 stock,or seprate to many stock??
If you throw all money in one share,the risk is high,because the break even point is in the only 1 share ,If you choose wrong company,then you may loss you money .Other side,If the company is good company,you can get earn a lot.
If you seprate to many stock ,you may also sprate the risk,but you only buy little amount on few share ,and you must do many work to think what share you want to buy.Maybe some will earn or also maybe some will let you loss money.
I more prefer on throw all money in 1 stock,because if only buy 1 stock , althought the risk is high but I no need buy many stock and just concentrade on this stock,and I also can earn more,because I believe no risk no earn.

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