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Friday, October 19, 2007

19.10.2007---Today me sick already, i think is fewer,yesterday the cruel oil price is over 90us dolar,It effect today market (KLSE)drop 6 poin, and more than 600 stock drop.Today is a red market and some special stock was rise many
.Example:Kossan(7153) it is a rubber industry company , it rise 0.78 sen in last deal ,that is because got 10lot deal at RM 4.80.WHy that people wan buy in high price,the anwser only buyer know.
Tips to keep us not fall in sick is drink more water.^^today I drink almost more than 15 bottle water and go toilet many time.Now I no fewer already.Water is the good and cheap medicne of all.Wish me get well soon ^^.WHen I was sick I was miss her.(SECET)

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