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Saturday, July 28, 2007

stock market risk???

Rule1:Cannot loss money in stock market

Rule 2:follow the rule1

Rule 3:still cannot loss money in the stock market

above 3 rule is talk but 1 famous person ,i forgot his name ,anyone know???

share market really can make you earn money/loss money??


YES:Actually share market is easy to earn money,by buying and selling stock and earn the margin.

NO:But after many people get earn money ,60% human being will quickly about 3 day to buy another stock to earn money,maybe this time he will be so not lucky again.This time maybe will get stuck in share market.

My advice:

DOn't alwways think share market really can make you rich or earn fast money,share market is only can make your life from happy become sad,from sad become happy.

If you want be rich,you can study hard to get a good job or started business to make your main income.*

Remember Investment is always have risk*

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