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Monday, October 29, 2007

29/10/2007---Today I drive to school normally, only 6 people come to school , we play and discuss the homework at there.We also ponteng go eat our lunch.
About 3.30pm , me going tusyen centre.TOday is the last day of my tuisyen.WHen 6.30 , me drive back to home . TOday got some important thing wan to do , After I take my bath, I open my Com, YAHOOOOOOOOOO TOday KLSE reach the PM target over 1400 point,more than 600 countre raise,and the exchange rate vs us dolar also only RM3.34 =$1 us dolar.But the bad news is the cruel oil price is over 90 dolar.I t may effect tomolo KLSE market.
After I research finish ,I send a messenge ,that messenge maybe will very important to my life.But unlucky she no reply.I feel totally no more confident and upset about love already .......
After this I nomore think about it and go to sleep.I feel no mood today and get bed earlybecause.....HOpe tomolo having a better day.
TOday spend:Lunch(teh ais,Chicken chop)=RM6.20
TOll and petrol=RM33.60

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