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Friday, October 26, 2007

26/10/2007----TOday I no go school ,I go my friend house help him fix the internet connection at Kota kemuning,about 3pm, I come back to my father office, there are some problem happen there,me and my brother and other straff working untill 8pm only come back .

Although the cruel oil price raise over 90 us dolar, but KLSE today reach 1398.35 (+20.08) create a new record, and more than 600 stock raise.That say is because many foreign investment in Malaysia because of the not stable US market.

Tomolo is my Graduation ceremony, after this I finally can official leave this sad menmory school.After I come back home, I feel tired because stay at my father office until 8pm, add on tomolo wan wake up early for that ceremony,so i decide to sleep early.HOpe tomolo have a better day.^^

Today spend:Lunch:Wantan mee===RM4

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