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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

12/12/2007---TOday I wake up early ,8am, then me quickly take bath and go my father working place, I helpping there, but also not much thing, I feel upset with future, I chatting with my father clerk whole day.

TOday our company still overtime working, we work until 8pm, but still cannot finish, my brother decide stop and do it tomolo, I pick my cousin go back home, he is helpping my father working more than 10 year.I feel tired, although not much working .Duno why today my brain suddenlly apear her??why??I aready give up about her already, and give up about love,because is till not confident. Now I try my best to study, working ......Prepare myself.

I still feel look like lost in T-juntion cannot find my way??who can help me , lead me to the future??Anyway wish my self Good luck . Hope tomolo hav a nice day!!!!

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