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Friday, December 21, 2007

21/30/2007---TOday is friday , is a workking day, today many thing to do in the factory, I and my cousin work hard for it, we working until 6pm,really a tired work, today my aunty come see me , she ask me why me dun wan continue study, This problem make me feel panic, My english not good , no mood to study, But many people want me study until degree, I think me and my family cannot support my education, SO i decide this sunday go register LCCI in petaling street.

This is my decide , maybe will hav a dark future, but is my choice....I feel upset again, I still haven find any job. no epople hire me , I duno wat was my future, 大不了不是死,有什么比死亡跟大的???见一步,走一步,做好自己巴,不用在意别人的闲话。LIM HON FEI try your best.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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