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Monday, December 10, 2007

10/12/2007---I sitll jobless , today is my second week after SPM, I go my father working place helpping them....,But not much think can help, are my future continue like that ???

Today I drive to KOta kemuning with my father straff,I first time drive Highway,I speed up until 100km/hour ,about 6pm ,me drive back , the rain still going on ,everyday Malaysia still raining , boring to see about that,are the god laughing to me , because me still like useless stay in home.After 8 pm , I start to online, visit forum,....I start to love on internet,I fall in love in internet, It can make me feel relax .

I feel no confident to love anybody , I start to loss comfident in my life and future, wat can I do ,anyone can help me ??anyone can give me answer??GOD??

I will try my best ,hope tomolo will hav a better day...

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