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Sunday, June 17, 2007

my story

Hi, welcome to my blog,my name in honfei , live in Malaysia selangor(puchong),i am 17 year old boy, this is my first blog in my life ,hope u all can support me ,visit it always i will try my best to update my blog always, i start involve in share market since my 15 year old, in malaysia call (bursa malaysia)but only 18 year old only can register accaunt so i now using my father accaunt to playing share ,me still a newbee in share market ,hope somebody can give me more information on SHARE MARKET .(u can add my msn to share u idea in earning money)

next year me 18 years old so i can open own accaunt myself , my most earning share i earn before is TIMECOM, it make me earn over 300% profit(i buy it at 0.25 and sell it at 0.65)it is happen in year 2005 may, that time i was very happy almost cannot sleep.

But i know that time is only lucky i get earn in share market, iknow it one day maybe can loss back my money to share market, so i now was setting a target , when i reach the target i was stop playing share. it was a dangerous game ,u duno when is the share market like 1997 drop untill people get bankrupt

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