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Saturday, December 15, 2007

15/12/2007---today is weekend saturday,I go my father working place early,then 1pm I go giant puchong work my part time job ,that job is my first job since FORM3 but is part time,I still haven find full time job,I working until 10.30pm ,now feel tired so write it next time.

Friday, December 14, 2007

14/12/2007---TOday is friday , I go my father working place like we get 1 invoice is want 448 pc of clear glass, I with my borther cut it until 7pm .After finish it we feel tired.

I decide to order delivery (madonald and Pizaa hut) after 10 min talk with their, they say no service area ,I almost want angry ,wat is the service,they must say early If no service area.

THen we go back eat dinner, my mum cook a nice dinner today.I feel lost and jobless since after SPM, feel useless, nth to do in this world,study cannot, working no experience.Business??No idea and money...What can I do tell me plz ??god...........

After eat dinner I taking bath ,then go enjoy my internet world, I think I fall in love in INTERNET world already.SInce her reject me(the story is too long next time only talk this ) ....,I suddenlly feel no more the feel of love on somebody,no mood to think it , and sometime got little bit hate about girl and no more confident on those love already,I tihnk friendship with girl is my limit level with them .I think I sick already.Nvm single i think is better because me no enough strength to protect people.

ahhhhhhh, feel useless who can lead me???hope tomolo will be nice

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

13/12/2007---TOday is thursday ,I still jobless, freelancer....I go my father office like normal, then I open the door and start to learn computer system with my father clerk until 2pm.THen me go buy my lunch and 6pm , we go back home with my cousin.

WHen come back home, I take a bath then start to spend my time in internet,online,chat,visit form....I spend more than 3 hour in internet, I feel internet arleady part of my life .I think I decide go petaling street kolej bandar study LCCI.

Maybe monday go register , i feel lost in my future. Who can lead me ??
12/12/2007---TOday I wake up early ,8am, then me quickly take bath and go my father working place, I helpping there, but also not much thing, I feel upset with future, I chatting with my father clerk whole day.

TOday our company still overtime working, we work until 8pm, but still cannot finish, my brother decide stop and do it tomolo, I pick my cousin go back home, he is helpping my father working more than 10 year.I feel tired, although not much working .Duno why today my brain suddenlly apear her??why??I aready give up about her already, and give up about love,because is till not confident. Now I try my best to study, working ......Prepare myself.

I still feel look like lost in T-juntion cannot find my way??who can help me , lead me to the future??Anyway wish my self Good luck . Hope tomolo hav a nice day!!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

111/12/2007---Today is a Selangor holiday, our king birthday, but my father factory still got working, I wake up morning, then go here and help , but not much thing I can help .

I got a small accident at there, my finger injured because cut by aluminium material and sell a thing with a wrong price, I scored by my brother, I feel me useless at there.&pm , I work with my cousin at there until 7pm, then I drive car and send him home.

When I reach home I feel tired , really tired, a no salary job , no learning job....,make me feel useless .I cannot imagine wat future do I have??bad ?GOod? cannot predict. Hope is GOod.

Monday, December 10, 2007

10/12/2007---I sitll jobless , today is my second week after SPM, I go my father working place helpping them....,But not much think can help, are my future continue like that ???

Today I drive to KOta kemuning with my father straff,I first time drive Highway,I speed up until 100km/hour ,about 6pm ,me drive back , the rain still going on ,everyday Malaysia still raining , boring to see about that,are the god laughing to me , because me still like useless stay in home.After 8 pm , I start to online, visit forum,....I start to love on internet,I fall in love in internet, It can make me feel relax .

I feel no confident to love anybody , I start to loss comfident in my life and future, wat can I do ,anyone can help me ??anyone can give me answer??GOD??

I will try my best ,hope tomolo will hav a better day...

Sunday, December 9, 2007

9/12/2007---Today is public holiday,SUNDAY, I stay at home, and feel nth to do,my cousin call me go out shopping, so i drive to their house then we go Bukit jalil together,we take LRT to Hangtuah,and shopping in Time Square.KL

A boring place , many people, shop,couple....when 7pm we go back home ,a boring day.My family all go out already, me eatting alone,watching TV alone......alone.Then I start to think ..I am now jobless, tomolo still no any job or study, so wat will happen fro my life after that....cannot imagine.Hope tomolo will better....Hope the luck will come soon.