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Monday, December 31, 2007

4/1/2007----SInce I start to work that job , I feel tension , it is a hard job and presure I today only find 1 customer , my boss start to feel me can't do anything . I maybe will resign after this month .I will stress up , this not job like I think so easy is a stress ful job .

I start to feel stress about this job mood to work already....
3/1/2008---TOday is my second day working in sri petailng clicker , I stillcannot find sale ,dealer and courter, I feel presure , because I nid to find RM1000 sale in this month , I really feel presure ,untill afternoon I driving my car go around Puchong and walk until very,very very tired ,go telefon shop go many place, still cannot find dealer.

Finally can find 1 dealer , after few walk hour walk around Puchong, a tired job ,I sitll haven get my first sale ....I will continue to try my best

Vacancy :
Agen /dealer wanted
  • to promote tmnet streamyx
  • high commsion
  • better in Klang valley
  • part time/ full time

My hp : 016 6108807 (lim) call me or sms me if intrested ....
1/1/2008---The first day of year 2008 and also a public holiday, Tomolo is my first job start day ,I still feel lost duno wheather wan study or working, but I think I go working for 3 month trial first. THen only decide wheather wan study full time or part time .

After today I May start a full time working time maybe cannot always update my blog.


***HOPE 2008 IS A LUCKY YEAR ***

31/12/2007----Today is the last day of the 2007 ,and 2008 will coming soon after few more hour. two more day I will having my first full time job.Today I with my friend go pyramid shopping , because when I start to work , I may no more enjoy life .

Today I may meet one of my internet friend in KL , she come from Kuala selangor .But my cousin want to OT ,so he come back home late. Duno can go meet my internet friend o not . I gtg write it next time .****Happy new year and hav a new life to everyone.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

30/12/2007---Today is SUnday , my father there still hav working, I folow them go working in this public holiday,around 3 pm we go to buy new shirt for my new job.

On next wednesday I will get a job in Sri petaling clicker, dono wat job is that , but I will try my best.TOday I spend RM300 to buy the uniform for my first permenant job .Really a big money to spend before working that job, they still haven comfirm me , the manager wan test me within 3 month .