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Sunday, September 23, 2007

FORBES Asia (Malaysia)--9 firm in list

NINE Malaysian companies made it to the Forbes Asia 2007 :
  1. CB Industrial Product Holdings Bhd
  2. Cheetah Holdings Bhd
  3. Coastal Contracts Bhd
  4. Evergreen Fibreboard Bhd
  5. Hai-O Enterprise Bhd
  6. JobStreet Corporation Bhd
  7. Mah Sing Group Bhd
  8. Padini Holdings Bhd
  9. YNH Property Bhd



  • Evergreen Fibreboard= tops sales-------US$180 million
  • Mah Sing=Property group ------- US$153 million sales.
  • Padini= which makes women’s apparel-----US$90 million
  • YNH Property----- US$76 million
  • CB Industrial Product=Industrial equipment producer -----US$71 million
  • Coastal Contracts =involved in marine services-----US$57 million
  • Hai-O Enterprise=Multilevel marketing company -----US$54 million
  • Cheetah=Sports apparel maker-----US$25 million
  • JobStreet= Online recruitment company------US$20 million

update at 21/9/2007

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