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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Market dropping dairy at 16/8/2007

16/8/2007---TOday me ponteng school because tomolo is cantin day,so the teacher must be busy for canteen day.TOday 7.30am I wake up and open computer,yesterday us market still dropping about 160point.
I predict today Malaysiaalso will drop ,then I go eat my breakfast with my familly.Today they talk about my future life,My mother sugest me go study law,because my familly no profesional guy.My father is business man,my sister is insurance agent,my brother help my father in business.SO they suggest me go be a lawyer.
I think lawyer is diffcult and I feel tension on it, but my family want me be lawyer so I try me best .After that I follow my father go office .I try to write invois in office.WHen lunch time I follow my brother go eatat the nearest restaurant.WHen i open the computer to research today market,my predict was became real,Malaysia market today drop almost 30 point-40 point.Many people in forum also ask for are this market continue drop???
At 7pm I finally can go back home,and eat my dinner.My body in tired because whole day stay at factory .I open the computer and research the share market today,whole world market include china also drop.Are this is like 1997 finiancial criss???because last time got people predict every 10year the finiancial criss will happen .This year is 2007,so that mean the predict is real, but this cannot say it too early.Market is make up by human,we must trust it after drop is raise.THe winner of today is future contract investor,If they buy short,they can earn RM50 per point.
About 10pm,I lastlly update my blog and try to find more infomation about lawyer.I try my best for lawyer.THen I will say good nite to everyone.HOpe tomolo have a GREEN market

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