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Friday, December 14, 2007

14/12/2007---TOday is friday , I go my father working place like we get 1 invoice is want 448 pc of clear glass, I with my borther cut it until 7pm .After finish it we feel tired.

I decide to order delivery (madonald and Pizaa hut) after 10 min talk with their, they say no service area ,I almost want angry ,wat is the service,they must say early If no service area.

THen we go back eat dinner, my mum cook a nice dinner today.I feel lost and jobless since after SPM, feel useless, nth to do in this world,study cannot, working no experience.Business??No idea and money...What can I do tell me plz ??god...........

After eat dinner I taking bath ,then go enjoy my internet world, I think I fall in love in INTERNET world already.SInce her reject me(the story is too long next time only talk this ) ....,I suddenlly feel no more the feel of love on somebody,no mood to think it , and sometime got little bit hate about girl and no more confident on those love already,I tihnk friendship with girl is my limit level with them .I think I sick already.Nvm single i think is better because me no enough strength to protect people.

ahhhhhhh, feel useless who can lead me???hope tomolo will be nice

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