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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

24/8/2007---TOday I morning I drive car with my neighbour, go to school today the LDP toll really traffic jam,I spend almost 1 hour only reach my school.I almost late for school today.TOday my teacher say this saturday is Farewell party, my 5 year secondary school almost finish.

I start to worried wat I have to do after SPM.SOme people say duno,some people say I got the plan and ................Today i get my chinese paper marks is 64.But is lower than first trial exam.But I still feel happy with that marks, because at least pass.

Today my school not many people come to class,their all home study.RIng......3.30pm finish school.I drive my car to the pertol station.I go pay RM30 and start to pump the pertol.Very fast the petrol go in with in a minute.( I first time go Cartex petrol station, their have 2 type petrol 1 is gold colour, 1 is red colour, GOld colour is better quality,the red colour is more cheap is RM1.88 because it is low quality petrol.)

After that I drive out petrol statiom, but my car the petrol meter no run as all,I go back the petrol station and ask for the shopkeeper,then the shopkeeper let me know to pump got problem,so their give me go to second pump to put petrol agian.FInally I get my RM30 petrol into my car.

THen I drive to the mamak stall and hav my lunch.After finish my lunch, I go to tuisyen centre, today is Prinsip accaunt.The teacher introduce me go study after LCCI.LCCI only nid 10 month and cheap to study about RM2k.THat is study for accaunt.THen I can go direct to second year of universiti for degree.SO total is 3 year spend.

This suggest make me got some hope for my future. I trying to find more detail about LCCI from internet.Today share market was not stable in KLSE,a new list company=VOIR,a fesyen company was listed today.

After research the share market,I feel tired and go to bed and sleep.Hope tomolo have a nice day.^^




Lunch(indomee +teh ais)=RM4.20

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