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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Credit Card good??

What is creadit card ?

-This card like your post paid ,if you got this card you can buy your thing after pay ,so you no need bring many cash go out for shopping.

How i apply credit card?

-You can apply it from any bank or walk in the shoppingmall,you will see many banker pomote their bank credit card to you or you can call your family member who got credit card make a subcard to you.

Are it good?

Many people now easy get creadit card and they spend money also easy.Many people can't pay their credit card amount .An the end month because over spend ,their salary not enough to pay so they pay the credit card amount to next month.At Malaysia if you cannot clear this month credit ,the bank will charge you 1.5%interest ,many people think is little bit,but you 1 year no clear you amount,it will continue charge you,after one year is 18% interest.If you salary plus bonus still cannot clear the credit,it will become your liability forever or make you bankrap.18% interest almost like borrow money from AH LOONG

Actually credit card is a good product ,you no need bring so many cash to shopping ,if you can use this card with careful, think your finiancial before use, if your clear you card every end month,the bank will no charge the 1.5%.


if you really cannot clear you credit card and the bank continue charge you 1.5%,you can try think about your friend or family ,ask them to borrow you money to clear it.
You know why the credit card always want you make autopay on credit card

At first if you autopay you will always forget the payment,when you spend your money you must thing How much is your auto pay in every month if not you will over spend on your creadit card

My advice:

  • Plan&think 5 second before using your credit card

  • Credit card can bring you easy also can bring you poor

(*above is my own advice and opinion ,ask you finiancial planner for more info.*)

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