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Friday, December 21, 2007

24/12/2007---TOday is chrismas eve, a lonely night, today me work at my father there until 8pm, very tired, my cousin also, so we stay in home today, my 17 year old Chrismas eve still same.

A tired day today go many place, today my father friend introduce his child to explain the colledge life to me.we chat long time about 30 min.A expensive talk because by phone.A lonely and normal day although is Chrismas eve.

I still thinking my future...,hope my future hav a nice chrismas wish .A it can be true ???GOd
23/12/2007---TOday go purple cane interview , in SUnway pyramid 2 ,but because of the transport problem, I cannot work that job le , I now still jobless duno wat can I do ???Who can tell me ??study ?working??LCCI??DIPLOMA??
22/12/2007---TOday very tired , really tired, I working from 12pm to 10pm night in Giant puchong , work as streamyx agen ,a very tired JOB.But me work it with relax ,I relax to talk to customer,talk to my new friend in the nearest counter.

Alone,eatting alone, I feel my feel of falling love on someone was lost, I no more confident on that already,I know me no strength to protect someone.I very tired wan sleep .Write it next time.
21/30/2007---TOday is friday , is a workking day, today many thing to do in the factory, I and my cousin work hard for it, we working until 6pm,really a tired work, today my aunty come see me , she ask me why me dun wan continue study, This problem make me feel panic, My english not good , no mood to study, But many people want me study until degree, I think me and my family cannot support my education, SO i decide this sunday go register LCCI in petaling street.

This is my decide , maybe will hav a dark future, but is my choice....I feel upset again, I still haven find any job. no epople hire me , I duno wat was my future, 大不了不是死,有什么比死亡跟大的???见一步,走一步,做好自己巴,不用在意别人的闲话。LIM HON FEI try your best.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

20/12/2007--TOday is public holiday,my father and my brother also no working,me also no working because me jobless since finish SPM .TOday the day still raining.

A boring day,no job,no income, no study day,no knowledge....I sleep at home whole day.and start feel sad about my future, today duno y I fight with my sister maybe bad mood.I start to feel bad luck and bad atitude.I start to calm down but who can help me.................................?
19/12/2007--today is wednesday tomolo is haji holiday, I today still go working in my father company, today afternoon got some probelm happen on there, but we settle it at 6pm

After settle it I feel tired, Ireceive 1 call ,it maybe give me a job in sri petaling,but my supervisor say haven comfirm he want ask his manager first.Hope I can get the job.***I feel trired since woriking on my father there....but no salary.I stop it here write again tomolo.
18/12/2007---today is tuesday, me still jobless since finish my SPM and can;t find colledge because my english no Credit.I feel useless in this world, canot earn money ,make my family worried my future because cannot go colledge.....

I feel tired and tired about my future.....SOmetime my mind willcome out some bad messenge like ......,but I will try my best to continue my life.,but wat should Idofor it , no people lead me , feel lost , Ithink i am a useless and a bad debt for my family..No mood to type more sorry GOod nite..........

Monday, December 17, 2007

17/12/2007---Today me still jobless, I drive my brother car go my ather factory and help the clerk .Like go pay the TNB(tenaga nasional berhad) bill, buy some stationary.

My friend start working in shopping centre already, I go find him , we wear a nice uniform and a handsome look,he get a job already, I also try go interview but there full already,my interview failed again.

THen I go back my father there,and pick my cousin go back home,I start to feel sad about my future......I shy to take pocket money from my parent already, ZI today borrow my brother RM50 to spend because my pocket no more money, a useless guy, I feel me useless,nth can do to this world and my future.......Hard to imagine my future....I feel tired,tired again,.................................DUno wat to write already???Any 1 support my blog, can u go (CAKAP APA) there say something or add my msn to hav a chat.thanksyou