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Saturday, December 29, 2007

29/12/2007---TOday is saturday, my supervisor call me go working on next wednesday , but need to work 3 month for trial that job, I may fire by my boss if I cannot handle the JOB.

TOday is saturday, I still working my part time job in GIant puchong. A tired job .Now I feel my leg very pain, really very tired that job ....I waitting someone to online, Duno since when I start to enjoy talking with her.Good nite and hav a nice day.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

28/12/2007---Friday, today Iwake up later because watching tv until 1am, like usual ,me drive my brother car go my father there, me hav nth to do at there and try to find some work .

Around 1pm , I follow my father go many place for working, SHA alam , USJ, Sedang,and Maju jaya . Today we come to a company , this is a big company few year ago , and my fahther say few year before this company hav many branch and advertisement. A brand company ,hav many clerk and straff , but after few ,we now visit that company , no more branch and only 1 clerk .That company telefon and fax also no more already .

Why the Big company so fast got finiancial problem ??They no properly pan their cash flow and finiancial ??no good leader??no improve their straff skill ???Or waste too much money at useless thing .

Anyway, I think I should get more experience and knowledge only start my business .Me dun wan a few year company, me hope can build a forever company.Anyway me also still jobless and lost in my future.****^^ Let us pray for a nice future .
27/12/2007---Today I go Sri petaling interview, they want me fill a form and hav a smal math test, then ask me many question.After that they say they will call me back in this week. Are me already failed to get this job???THey say me look like baby face , so maybe not suitable the job .A sad thing .

THen I go back home and pick my mum go bank to do something ,after that already 3
pm, I go my father they work until 6pm .TOday really tired and my car already finish all the petrol .This is the day I go thought today.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

26/12/2007---THe Chrismas was finished, today my supervisor call me , he call me go interview Sri petaling Clicker tomolo, hope can get that job.If I can get the job I can go take LRT to Petaling street to taking LCCI at night.

If cannot get the job, I may plan another plan.TOday still a rainig day in Malaysia,I feel my father become very old , I think he too tired to think so much think and working, I feel sad because cannot giving any help, I still can't find any job to become indepandent.I still some time get pocket money from him.

TOday my cousin work until 7pm , me wait him and pick him go back home ,GTRONIC already few day become TOp volume , What happen to GTRONIC???THe people wan goreng this stock from low price ??Because this few day the Trading price is only RM0.25, and large volume.SOmething will happen maybe.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

25/12/2007---TOday is Chrismas day, a rainig day also ,I stay in home all the day nth to do , chating with friend,sms, visit forum and see the chart.

TOday Malaysia is Public holiday ,my parent also stay in home, they bring us go hav a nice dinner.Next week is the reopen of the school day ,me still ca't find any Colledge and job.Who can help me ?I dun wan continue to stay like useless guy in my family.

TOday I help my cousin create a new blog to sell his toy .Hope I will hav a luck everyday.****