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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Do the emotion will effect you in share market??

YES,many investor emotion will effect by the share market,sometime i also feel this.

WHen you Happy:
  1. THe stock market is raise,in front computer all the stock price is in green colour digit
  2. THe newspaper and all the media talk about the share market is raise will make you become more happy.

What you do in this time???

  • many people will say the price tomolo will still be raise also
  • some of the people will sell their stock quickly.

WHen you sad????

  • when the stock market is drop ,all is red colour digit apear i your stock price
  • the newspaper and all the media andyour firend talk to you about maybe the finiancial criss will come back ,the stock market is drop

WHat you do in this time :

  • many people will sell their stock ,this call cut loss
  • some people will keep it and wait it raise back

When you regret:

  • when you buy already the stock and tomolo the stock drop below your buy in price.
  • when you sell the stock and tomolo the stock rise back or more higher price

In our life we must be happy always,when the stock drop,not to be sad,because it maybe will earn back,if the stock rise also not be happy,because the stock will drop back also,if you cannot sell in good price also not be regret,because you still no losing any money.If you cannot buy in good price also not be sad,it will be raise later.

conclusion: Not be sad and regret in stock market,Be happy to face the stock meket.

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