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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Breaking news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16/10/2007---------***Today breaking news***

CRUOIL Price:-------us dolar87.7 +1.60=RM295.54
The cruoil price reach the highest price yester day in US market,it effect almost whole world share market drop.I think it will raise until 90$us dolar in short term Should me decide to sell my car and take bus .^^
KLSE today was dropped about 2point.Althought not so many, but it will bring a bad economy in the future addon the secondary house loan in US start to become bad,many US people cannot pay the house loan and become bankrupt ,this will make the bank increase their bad debt .
My conclusion is the world finiancial criss comming soon,now not a good time to invest,lets keep the money to FD(fix deposit).

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