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Monday, January 14, 2008

19/1/2008-- The chinese new year coming soon , today is saturday so I wear casually to my office in Sri petaling, I hav a teh tarik in the morning and start to working, today I first time brieffing agen . I just talk wat I like to them .

About 2pm I drive to Kota kemuning ECosave , and staying there about 2 hour < there still zero sale , I already open that brooth 10 day already still zero sale .I start to feel tension and decide to close it next tuesday .This roadshow make me feel tired and tension.

I duno why start to miss her , she make me feel boring withour her , Why ??who can tell me??
17/1/2008---TOday I wake morning and drive my car go SRi PETALING working , I feel bored and tired in working already.

Now I got some dealer to deal with me , so I start got little bit sale , but I still decide to resign in next month , because I think this job not suitable and too far from my house .AM I tomolo hav a nice day ???TO tired wan to sleep GOOD nite .^^ WIsh everypeole happy and relax.
14/1/2008---TOday is monday, Sri petaling clicker hav a meeting in 8am morning, all people standding and listen to blak.......

TOday very tired and run many place to find dealer, but stil no sale ,my petrol also finish.This job salary may not cover my expend.What can I do am I nid to chage JOB??god can u lead me ????