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Friday, July 20, 2007

Can direct sale earn??

this is the chart of direct sale
Direct sale concept is like MLM(multi level-market).EXample,a factory produce a product,but how they find people buy it,in this case,this concept will be work,a upline will buy a product,then they will promote to other people to earn commision,or call other to join him and become his down line,then his down line will fine another downline.So if continue like that ,they will be a big market between downline and upline.If one upline ,he has many active downline,he maybe can get rich because he can get more commision from all the downline.
But if the downline not active, the upline cannot get many commision,so the upline must get some active downline.SO if you want be rich in direct sale you must hardworking find downline to make your network bigger,after few more year you maybe can be rich and enjoy.
My idea:
-If you got many downline and they all so active you maybe get earn money and be rich.It is a good concept to earn money,because you do this business you no need rental,pay salary to straf,and other just only need a little bit money to buy their product.
By the way,do this business,you must have a good sosial skill and good talking skill to ask people become your downline.
WIth this point,i don't like direct sale/mlm because me not a good sosial skill boy.SO i dun like MLM/direct sale, although that is a easy way to earn money.
Point to earn in direct sale or MLM:
#Bigger network you have, Bigger money you earn#
*above only my own opiniom,ask you finiancial planner before investment*

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