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Friday, November 2, 2007

2/11/2007----9 more day is SPM ,me still no mood to study,yesterday my friend wai hong call me and today I with him go having a breakfast in Puchong,then we go together SUnway pyramid new building, I and him park our car in that new building carpark.
WHen we reach SUnway pyramid ,it still haven open ,so I and my friend go the PX ,cyber cafe,we having a 10n 1 DOta with him me loose kao kao to my friend.
After that , we go to the Sunway Pyramid again, we go to the popular bookshop in the new building, we stay they about half hour and read some book on there but no buy .hehe.
THen we go to the REDBOX, having many enjoyment at there, we having a nice good,nice song and nice price.We first time go to redbox, and happen many stupid thing at there,But also let me learn many thing and experience.
About 2 pm ,my friend go back home and me go back my father office,WHen I reach there no body at the office,me alone reading at there, and the tidy the office................WHen my father come back , AI help him type some dokument and.........................
About 8 pm me reach home ,yesterday us market was droped more than 300 point,of cause KLSE also frop ,KLSE drop 11 ponit, but still ok for Malaysia.TOmolo is my report book day ,I decide to sleep early after visit the forum...........(good nite and hope tomolo having a nice day.**^^)
Toll :RM3.2
Carpark :RM2

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