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Saturday, July 28, 2007

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Will it come again??

Today I read the newspapaer,almost all the newspaper also ask about will the finiancial criss wil come again????because every 10 year ,the share market will drop .Example:1987,1997finiancial criss.

So this year is 2007,will it come back again? Now many people believe the digit number 7 will bring bad luck to stock market,On last friday united state index drop almost 300point,in Malaysia also drop almost 30 point,will this monday countinue?

Last 20 year happen finiancial criss ,I think is many people no notice and the govement also no prepare for finiancial criss,add on the first &second world war had happen,many country still not complete rebuild.

But now 2007 ,many country has rebuild their economy and start to develop,and many country govement and investor are prepare for the finiancial criss,and Malaysia this year international reserve is ( RM339.7 billion ).That mean our country international reserve is more and more than the 1997.

I think Malaysia can face it and pass this year ,and make it 7 is our lucky number and not our bad luck number.Share market is made up by human .

My experience on friday:

This morning i wake up feel sick so no go school,when i open the internet ,Malaysia share market (KLSE) composite drow more than 30 point,whole screen is red colour my short term stock also red (TIME&TIMEDOTCOM)),but when i go out eat my breakfast come back ,FROm all the red digit, i found that my stock (time&timecom)suddenlly become GREEN,i think is goreng by other people,i sell it at RM0.87 and earn?????(scret)hehe^^. After i sell it ,this stock rush to RM0.92,but i no regret,because i already sell it.AT close market price my sotck (TIME&TIMECOM)at RM0.865%RM1.40,in green digit.That day I feel happy and plan to see a mvie as a reward.I know this time i was lucky because this 2company is a bad company,but this 2 company is link with govement,so i invest this 2 stock as short term.This is a good friday ,but is a bad friday to other people.

Who will earn in this Friday: I think is the future &sport index investor,1point in Malaysia composite index is RM50,if 30 point is about RM1500 point,if got 10 contract is RM15000.

stock market risk???

Rule1:Cannot loss money in stock market

Rule 2:follow the rule1

Rule 3:still cannot loss money in the stock market

above 3 rule is talk but 1 famous person ,i forgot his name ,anyone know???

share market really can make you earn money/loss money??


YES:Actually share market is easy to earn money,by buying and selling stock and earn the margin.

NO:But after many people get earn money ,60% human being will quickly about 3 day to buy another stock to earn money,maybe this time he will be so not lucky again.This time maybe will get stuck in share market.

My advice:

DOn't alwways think share market really can make you rich or earn fast money,share market is only can make your life from happy become sad,from sad become happy.

If you want be rich,you can study hard to get a good job or started business to make your main income.*

Remember Investment is always have risk*



Symbol & Code : SUNWAY (4308)
Board : Main
Industry : Construction

Founded Established : 1974

Key people :Mr Yau Kok Seng (CEO)Jeffrey Cheah (Chairman)Chee Kin Chew (President)Mark V. Rozario (CFO)

Core business:

Employees : 2,243

FIniancial result:
AnnouncementDate: 31-May-07

RevenueRM '000 : 371,422
Profit/LostRM'000 :14,236
EPS : 2.53

----- 38.45%


update at 27/7/2007:

higher price :RM 1.860
Lower price :RM1.770
closing market price :RM1.830(27/7/2007)

Friday, July 27, 2007




这个贴的主要目的是要让那些摇摆不定的人,告诉他们投资最纯真最原始,对smart 的人看来很愚蠢的动作,就是买进一个股,五年里面什么都不用做,从几百千成为千万富翁!

这个故事是真人真事?为什么?因为我今天在看年报的时候,看到一位很吸引我的人物, 引起我的好奇心之下,我就开始寻找旧年报,不找就算了,一找了,帮这位股东屈指一算,就不得了!公司: KNM Group主角: Wong Lay Leng在2003 年.

从年报可以看到这位股东拥有404,100 unit. IPO 价格是RM1.48. 那么,简单算一下,assume 他是IPO 的时候就进货,他的成本大概是 600k..在2004 年,这一年的30号8月,knm 分 bonus 1 for 2, 然后 share split RM 1 to RM0.5, 根据这一年的年报,他拥有1,197.700 unit。。按照计算应该不是这个数目,我们assume 他卖掉一些做生活费!在2005 年,knm 没有特别的宣布,根据年报,他这一年拥有1,806,700..我们这里就假设他生意赚到钱,然后增持了一些货!

在2006 年,knm bonus of 1 for 2, 根据年报,这一年他拥有2,762,900 unit。。今年,2007年7月17日,bonus 1 for 1, 然后 share split RM0.5 to RM0.25..我们就拿去年 2,762,900 unit 的货,计算後, 如果没有错的话,2007年的年报,他会拥有 11,051,600 unit。高潮来了,如果用11,051,600 unit 乘于今天的收市价大概 RM4.50..那么他的身家就有接近 五千万!

3 in 1 news !!!

  1. 国家银行发表的汇率行情:Exchange rate update at 22/7/2007




  2. International Oil price:

-----The international oil price today start to drop at 74.9 us dolar(RM240.8)

3.Malaysia stock market KLSE today drop 26.12 point,it maybe effect by US,because US share market yesterday drop around 300point,At Malaysia only around 161 stock rise and almost 1000 stock in bursa malaysia(KLSE) drop.

Hope next monday have a bull market.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Do the emotion will effect you in share market??

YES,many investor emotion will effect by the share market,sometime i also feel this.

WHen you Happy:
  1. THe stock market is raise,in front computer all the stock price is in green colour digit
  2. THe newspaper and all the media talk about the share market is raise will make you become more happy.

What you do in this time???

  • many people will say the price tomolo will still be raise also
  • some of the people will sell their stock quickly.

WHen you sad????

  • when the stock market is drop ,all is red colour digit apear i your stock price
  • the newspaper and all the media andyour firend talk to you about maybe the finiancial criss will come back ,the stock market is drop

WHat you do in this time :

  • many people will sell their stock ,this call cut loss
  • some people will keep it and wait it raise back

When you regret:

  • when you buy already the stock and tomolo the stock drop below your buy in price.
  • when you sell the stock and tomolo the stock rise back or more higher price

In our life we must be happy always,when the stock drop,not to be sad,because it maybe will earn back,if the stock rise also not be happy,because the stock will drop back also,if you cannot sell in good price also not be regret,because you still no losing any money.If you cannot buy in good price also not be sad,it will be raise later.

conclusion: Not be sad and regret in stock market,Be happy to face the stock meket.

What is IPO company???

IPO = Initial public offering

(IPO)company is the first sale of a corporations common shares to investors on a public stock exchange.example:bursa Malaysia.

Advantage of IPO:

  • you can get more capital easy

  • your company will become famous

  • your company can develop faster

  • the major shareholer(director of the ocmapany)will get high return when the share price is raise

Disadvantage of IPO:

  • IPO cost will be higher than sdn bhd

  • COmpany must requiment rule of SEC

  • Magnement will feel stress because is public company

  • THe company director maybe can loss control in his company

  • the company will effect by stock market,if the stock market drop
DO you to IPO your company????

infomation of IPO in bursa malaysia :

exchange rate 26 /7/2007





My story about how i get to know share market

How do you know about stock market?

  • By newspaper

  • By internet

  • By movie

  • by tv show

  • by your friend

  • by your family

I remember i first time know about stock market is from my father ,my father also first time play share ,so he also duno what is share market,he listen to his friend buy in SPSETIA but duno how to see the price ,He call me help him see the price everyday from newspaper,so everyday i doing a same job, that time me only 13year old, i not really know what is share market. this is the first time i touch share market.

WHen i form 3(15 year old) ,i was see a japan movie about stock market,That movie is about a boy cannot find job in his life,after that he get a teacher teach him share market and earn many money in his life.

I like this movie so much, after that i try go forum,internet,website,and ask my father remisier about share market,i start to know what is share market,i also try to make many investment friend form the internet,I start to use my father accaunt to play share

That was the story how i like to play share,This year me 17 year old,I already sell/buy share in share market almost 3 year,I start can remember the share name and price.

PLay share can train my menmory to remember to price and name,train my calculate by calculate the price ,lot,dividen,and many.....,i also make many friend by playing share,they share they opnion and experience,I also start to know how Malaysia economy and many company profile how theyr un their business.

PLaying share really teach me many thing in my life &make my life more knowledge.This year me SPM,i wish can get good resultin ekonomi asas ,because this 3 year i almost everyday read about finiancial news and bank news and other......

This is the story of me how i get to know about share market and my history.Thanks for read and enjoy it or also can share your story also.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

DO you know when is the stock drop???

WHen the share market drop???


  1. The market volume not normal ,suddenlly too high

  2. The market rise without any strong support news

  3. Everybody ask about what is stock market even you son/grandmother

  4. THe first page of the news paper is discuss stock market rise

  5. Create a high record in share market index

  6. Many people start to open accaunt and invest in stock market

  7. The stock market is full of people
  8. No body believe if you share the market is drop

  9. Every investor in a high /happy mood

  10. In front the monitor, almost everyday is green digit and less people sell

When this 10 point is happen in your country or you town ,the bear market will drop soon,but many people no believe the market will drop at that time,everybody will feel happy and cannot sleep,But when the bull market start to turn to bear market,everybody start to scared and sell at any price, this is the only time to buy in share,because the seller will sell at a low price.At that time also many people regret and said 5 word *WHy i no sell yesterday*

WHen the bear market is coming, the smart investor only start to buy in at this time,in share market cannot be a emotional human,be cool down in stock market,all the media and friend talking topic will make you become not rasional.

Be cool down always is one of the good habbit to earn money in stock market,we must to guess when is bull market ,when is bear market,this can make you not loss money in stock market,Try to have a future sight ,then you will be success in your investment and your future life.

not be so happy when you see the Green digit/bull market

not be so sad when you see the red digit /bear market

because after bull market is bear market,after bear market will change back to another bull market .

  • bull market--all the stock raise
  • bear market--all the stock drop

#why call bull market,because when the market is good many people will run to share market to buy share,this screen look like many bull inmarket ,so the people say bull market when the market is good.#

*this is only my opinon,ask your remisier before investment*

exchange rate at 24/7/2007






Monday, July 23, 2007

Investor weaknest:Casino=stock market

Are you go casino before?DO you win money in casino?ALmost all my friend say loss money.WHy there will loss money?

WE compare the casino as stockmarket:

WHen you win money in casino or stockmarket 90%of them will throw back their money to share market,if you no throw back the money to share market ,you will feel not happy even can make you cannot sleep.I thing many people got this experience. Are me right??

WHEN a human win money,high percentage they will take that money to win more money,but always when he want more money,they always loss their money.People only regret when their loss money.SO many people started at share market ,they will keep inves the money to make more money,they hard to stop investment in stock market. The only way can stop they is

ALways rememember In stock market,you must sell your stock then only can get back the money,if the price keep rise but no buyer to buy you stock and you cannot sell it you money equal to zero or a A4 paper.

WHen you earn money in stock market , you must be thanksful to the buyer because he give you the money .SO everyone investment in stock market is our friend. Today maybe he give you money to earn(that mean you win money from the buyer), maybe you tomolo give him money (that mean you loss money in share market)

My idea:
So,when you earn money in stock market ,you can try to keep the money in your bank.Example when you use RM10000 to make investment you earn 30%(RM3000),you can keep the RM3000 and use the RM10000 to earn another RM3000.If you always put all your money in stock market ,you must be loss all your money one day Be a smart investor,keep your profit.


*Be control emotion in share market and thank to your buyer*

*ask your remisier before investment above just my own opnion*

SPecial news&exchange rate at 23/7/2007

Special news:
international oil price ---------75.25 ( -.37) at 23/7/2007 finally drop last week almost everyday rise.