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Saturday, June 23, 2007

stock watch : TOMEI (7230)

Symbol & Code : TOMEI (7230)
Board : Second
Industry : Consumer Products

Business Activity:


Finiancial Result:



Profit: 3,002,000


My watch list :Mqtech

Symbol & Code : MQTECH (0070) Board : MESDAQ

Company Profile: MQ Technology Bhd
Ticker: MQTECH
2006 Sales: 56,127,000
Major Industry: CONSTRUCTION
Employees: 712

Business Description:

MQ Technology Bhd. The Group's principal activity is the manufacturing of electronic coil, moulds, tools, dies, jigs and fixtures for use in manufacturing of hard disk drives and manufacturing of precision milling and drilling of metal plates.

Other activities include manufacturing of car spare parts, plastic molds, metal molds and bowling molds, investment holding and provision of management services. Operations are predominantly carried out in Malaysia.

FIniancial Result:

RevenueRM '000---------17,865


Mesdaq-listed MQ Technology Bhd is confident of achieving strong double digit growth, aiming for a 40% to 50% growth in revenue and profits this year, driven by the robust demand from the hard disk drive (HDD) industry.

Executive Chairman, Chatar Singh said the demand is generated from the new HDD applications in consumer electronics products such as plasma and LCD televisions (with built-in hard disks), notebooks and iPods. MQ has consistently register growth in revenue and profit seven years in a row, he added.

As part of its business expansion, the company invested almost RM10million last year in buildings, machinery and equipment, which has doubled its capacity for precision engineering.
In December last year, MQ became the tooling partner to US-based Magnecomp, through an agreement to purchase RM6.5million worth of tooling equipment from the US company.
MQ, which operates through its four subsidiaries, three in Malaysia- QB Technology Sdn Bhd, Microlead Precision Technology Sdn Bhd, Microlead Engineering Sdn Bhd and one in Thailand-MPT Solution Co Ltd, is involved in the design and manufacture of actuator magnetic coils and coil assemblies for the HDD industry as well as precision tooling and engineering services for the HDD and semiconductor industries.

Chatar said QB Technology has a strategic partnership with JCY HDD Technology Group, one of the largest turnkey manufacturers of HDD components in the world.


= 25.97%
= 13.75%
= 13.20%

WHO is HE ????who can let me know..............


Are he is a poor guy in stock market??
(he is the 2nd richest man in the world)

NAME:Warren Buffett
Age: 75
Fortune: self mad
Source: Berkshire Hathaway
Net Worth: 42.0 bilion us dolar
Country Of Citizenship: United StatesResidence: Omaha, Nebraska, United States, North AmericaIndustry: Investments
Marital Status: widowed, 3 children
University of Nebraska Lincoln, Bachelor of Arts / ScienceColumbia University, Master of Science

    -this is his car NOW

    --->This is his house NOW


Warren Edward Buffett was born August 30th, 1930, at Howard and Leila Buffett, in Omaha, Nebraska. Warren's parents met while working on the school paper at the University of Nebraska, but when Warren, the middle child of the Buffetts' three, was born, Howard was a stockbroker turned US Congressman. A young Buffett was always fascinated by numbers and always had a keen eye for business, as seen in his business ventures as a child; he sold soda pop door-to-door, sold tip sheets for horseracing, worked at his grandfather's grocery store (his family comes from a line of grocers), and impressed his friends by knowing the population of numerous US cities by heart. a billionaire in the makingBy age 11, Buffett had purchased his first stock at his father's brokerage -- three shares of Cities Service Preferred -- at $38 a share.

Even at age 11, he wasn't too young to learn that patience is a virtue, and could have made the

difference between his $5 profit (from selling too early) to hundreds more, after the stock soon rose to $200. Even while a high school student, Buffett was proving to be a born entrepreneur. He had a paper route when his family relocated to Washington, D.C., and even offered two rival papers, in order to have something to offer customers if they canceled one of the subscriptions. Buffett bought 40 acres of Nebraska farmland with his paper route savings at age 14, and collected rent from his tenant. Although he did not particularly care to go to University,

He attended Wharton at the University of Pennsylvania and then transferred to the University of Nebraska, where he became enthralled by Benjamin Graham's "The Intelligent Investor." The book reinforced the importance of value investing and going after undervalued stocks, which is why Buffett shuns the Microsofts and goes for the Coca-Colas, even today. Since he was rejected from Harvard Business School, Buffett studied Economics at New York's Columbia University, to learn from his idol Graham, and eventually become his protégé. Working with Graham as his mentor turned out to be a life-altering decision. What eventually became a billion-dollar fortune started out with his childhood earnings. He used the money earned from his paper route, soda pop and pinball machines to make his first investment partnership; with the money of investors and his own $100, Buffett began purchasing stocks, aiming to beat the Dow Jones Industrial Average by 10% a year.

He did just that, from the start in 1957, until the end of the partnership in 1969. One of his biggest career moves was his investment in Berkshire Hathaway, a textile mill in New Bedford, MA, in 1962. He used Berkshire's capital by investing it in other businesses, amongst them insurance companies (including GEICO). oracle is down-to-earthBuffett, with the millions of dollars Berkshire was making thanks to him, began to fill his portfolio with stocks of solid companies that were undervalued, and inexpensive at the time. By sticking to companies such as American Express and Coca-Cola, companies with solid brand names rather than the latest Wall Street trend, Buffett has become one of the wealthiest men in the United States with a fortune of approximately $36 billion.

But despite being known as the greatest stock market investor of our day, and having the kind of wealth only Bill Gates is familiar with, Buffett lives the kind of down-to-earth life familiar to many. He eats at Dairy Queen, loves Coca-Cola and burgers, still lives in the same house he purchased for $31,000, and doesn't dress like the billionaire he is.

Warren Buffett and his wife Susan have three children, while Buffett lives with his companion Astrid Menks, a waitress. Although it seems confusing, it's perfectly normal to Warren, Susie and Astrid, who are all friends and sign presents from the three of them. Susie divides her time between being a cabaret singer and an abortion activist (Buffett was also active in abortion issues during the '60s), and serving on Berkshire's board as a large shareholder of the company. She still accompanies her husband on public appearances, even though she moved out of Buffett's house in 1977.

In fact, Susie was the one who introduced Astrid to Warren, and the two women remain friends. a buffet of wealthWhile Buffett may be the Oracle of Omaha in all his riches, his generosity has its limits. Not only is he known as a miser when it came to his own children (when he lent his daughter Susie $20 to get her car out of the airport garage, he made her write him a check), but the Buffett Foundation, which mostly serves family planning clinics since the 1960s, is only representative of a crumb of his fortune (about $11-12 million a year). And Susie is the sole heir to his throne, while he wants 99% of his wealth to go to the Buffett Foundation.

LIst of not authorised or approve of Securities Commission MALAYSIA

Below is the list of known companies and websites which are not authorised nor approved under the securities laws to deal in securities, provide investment advice and/or fund management services related to securities or futures.

The public is advised not to make any investment with companies that are not licensed or approved by the SC(Securities Commission) . Offers often comes in the guise of seemingly attractive investment opportunities or schemes and may also be camoflaged as direct selling or business opportunities.



BHG e-investment (
Bidvask Investment Ltd (
Buy-e-barrel (
Brentwood Trust Company (
Belton Market ( )

Cambridge Capital Trading(, * (Press Release)
Capital Enhancement Club/ CEC
Capital Glory Holdings Ltd

Data Saham (
Dragon Gold Sdn Bhd / Dr Iain Gray
Duit Wayang
Dana Futures (
Dana Modal (
Debenture Petal Trust

GC Group Asset Management
Good Credit Asset Management
Goldmill Wagner Ltd / GWA Worldwide (
Global Investment Network System (


Hibah Funds
Hollinger Newcastle Limited

jai Network System Sdn Bhd

Lexworth Prestige

Mercury Acquisition Associates (
Montego Finance & Securities Berhad (
My Dinar (
Mind-X Solutions Sdn Bhd (
My Share (

Oregon Invest (
Ocean Balance Ltd

Pure Investor / PIPS (,
Prowealth Solutions (

Remisier (

Sunshine Empire (
Swiss Mutual Fund (, *(Press Release)
Sweden Fund (
Solid Investment (
Smartcash (
Sime Securities (
Starr-Bradley Associates Inc (

Tian Ping (

UeBond (
United Capital Management Inc (
Universe Asset Management Inc / Tony So

Win Li Fund (
Whitman Pearce & Partners (
update at 23/6/2007

My stock watch : TIME 4456


Symbol & Code : TIME (4456)
Board : Main
Industry : Trading / Services

Business Activity :



FinancialYr. End :31/12/2007

RevenueRM '000 :214, 429


EPS: -1.30

SHARE holder:



--------- 2.87%



TIME Engineering Berhad ("TIME"), a Government-Linked Company ("GLC"), is the Information, Communication and Technology ("ICT") flagship outfit of the UEM Group. TIME spearheads the UEM Group's dynamism in playing its role as a nation-building partner in ICT infrastructure and development.

We strive to play our unique and exceptional role as a provider of mission-critical services such as ICT utilities and infrastructure, and as a strategic developer in many new growth areas. Driven by the mandate to serve, we act as a partner in nation-building particularly ICT development to improve speed of information delivery to markets, lower costs, and further streamline processes that can lead to substantial increase in productivity, giving clients the competitive edge to compete in the global market place.

Looking forward and ahead, we are determined to keep investing in the development of our technological base and capability to be the partner of choice for both domestic and international customers. We embrace the convergence of the rapidly evolving world of technology whilst playing our role as a partner in nation building.

Friday, June 22, 2007



10月23日,香港恒生指数大跌1 211.47点;28日,下跌1 621.80点,跌破9 000点大关。面对国际金融炒家的猛烈进攻,香港特区政府重申不会改变现行汇率制度,恒生指数上扬,再上万点大关。接着,11月中旬,东亚的韩国也爆发金融风暴,17日,韩元对美元的汇率跌至创纪录的1 008∶1。21日,韩国政府不得不向国际货币基金组织求援,暂时控制了危机。但到了12月13日,韩元对美元的汇率又降至1 737.60∶1。韩元危机也冲击了在韩国有大量投资的日本金融业。

1997年下半年日本的一系列银行和证券公司相继破产。于是,东南亚金融风暴演变为亚洲金融危机。 第二阶段:1998年初,印尼金融风暴再起,面对有史以来最严重的经济衰退,国际货币基金组织为印尼开出的药方未能取得预期效果。2月11日,印尼政府宣布将实行印尼盾与美元保持固定汇率的联系汇率制,以稳定印尼盾。此举遭到国际货币基金组织及美国、西欧的一致反对。国际货币基金组织扬言将撤回对印尼的援助。印尼陷入政治经济大危机。

2月16日,印尼盾同美元比价跌破10 000∶1。受其影响,东南亚汇市再起波澜,新元、马币、泰铢、菲律宾比索等纷纷下跌。直到4月8日印尼同国际货币基金组织就一份新的经济改革方案达成协议,东南亚汇市才暂告平静。1997年爆发的东南亚金融危机使得与之关系密切的日本经济陷入困境。日元汇率从1997年6月底的115日元兑1美元跌至1998年4月初的133日元兑1美元;5、6月间,日元汇率一路下跌,一度接近150日元兑1美元的关口。

随着日元的大幅贬值,国际金融形势更加不明朗,亚洲金融危机继续深化。 第三阶段:1998年8月初,乘美国股市动荡、日元汇率持续下跌之际,国际炒家对香港发动新一轮进攻。恒生指数一直跌至6 600多点。香港特区政府予以回击,金融管理局动用外汇基金进入股市和期货市场,吸纳国际炒家抛售的港币,将汇市稳定在7.75港元兑换1美元的水平上。经过近一个月的苦斗,使国际炒家损失惨重,无法再次实现把香港作为“超级提款机”的企图。国际炒家在香港失利的同时,在俄罗斯更遭惨败。俄罗斯中央银行8月17日宣布年内将卢布兑换美元汇率的浮动幅度扩大到6.0~9.5∶1,并推迟偿还外债及暂停国债券交易。


  1. You must open a CDS Account & a Trading Account at a stock-broking company.(BRSA MALAYSIA)

  2. The main contact person at the stockbrocking company is your remisier.

  3. To buy shares, you must have sufficient funds to cover the cost of the shares as well as the transaction costs.

  4. Orders are matched electronically through the Bursa Malaysia's trading system - there is no manual intervention in the process.

  5. Your remisier will confirm your order after it has been matched.

  6. Your CDS account will be credited with the shares bought. All payments must be settled by 12.30 pm on T+3.

  7. To sell shares, you must already have the shares in your CDS account.
    Your CDS account will be debited and you will receive payments by 12.30 pm on T+3.

  8. A contract note will be sent to you by your stockbroking company. Confirm that all details such as company name,cost of the shares and transaction costs are correctand keep this document carefully.


Level 1-7, Menara HLA No. 3, Jalan Kia Peng 50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 21668684 Website:

composite and forex at 22/6/2007


吉隆坡股市:1391.57 (+3.67)

恒生: 21,879.50

海峡时报: 3,631.92






bank negare latest news 22/6/2007

International Reserves of BNM as at 15 June 2007The international reserves of Bank Negara Malaysia amounted to RM339.4 billion (equivalent to USD98.4 billion) as at 15 June 2007. The reserves position is sufficient to finance 8.9 months of retained imports and is 8.7 times the short-term external debt.



Thursday, June 21, 2007

MALAYSIA islamic bank

what bank is this>>>>>>

exchange rate 21/6/2007

国家银行发表的汇率行情:update 21/6/2007



how to open shell???? pertol station???

  • We're looking for focused, customer-driven Bumiputera entrepreneurs to manage and operate on a full-time basis; our service stations in Malaysia.

    You should be able to finance your business independently, with
    a Bank Guarantee of RM100,000.00-RM150,000.00; preferably higher.
    a minimum working capital of RM290,000.00-RM370,000.00; preferably higher.

  • Application Criteria

  • bumiputera, aged 28-44 years

  • computer Literate

  • minimum education of SPM. Degree holders are encouraged to apply
    some background in Finance and/ or experience in the service industry would be an advantage

Application forms
Female entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply.

If you think you're the right person to take advantage of this exciting opportunity, you can download the application form available on our web. Alternatively you may collect the application forms from the Shell office in your preferred region, as follows:

Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn. Bhd. (6087-M)

Shell Headquarters:
5th Floor, Retail Operations Department,
Bangunan Shell, Changkat Semantan,
Damansara Heights, 50490 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: (03) 2095 9144

East Coast Area Office:
9th Floor, Kompleks Teruntum, PO Box 47,
25700 Kuatan, Pahang Darul Makmur.
Tel: (09) 513 5211

North Area Office:
Jalan Pantai, PO Box 20,
12700 Butterworth, Penang.
Tel: (04) 331 5111

South Area Office:
P.L.O. 216, Jalan Tembaga, PO Box 82,
81707 Pasir Gudang, Johor Darul Takzim.
Tel: (07) 251 5230

Perak Sales Office:
Jalan Tun Razak, PO Box 128, 30710 Ipoh,
Perak Darul Ridzuan.
Tel: (05) 527 3669

Sabah Area Office:Tingkat 11, Blok C Kompleks Karamunsing,88805 Kota Kinabalu, SabahTel: (088) 297 100

Sarawak Area Office:Jalan Pelabuhan, Peti Surat 200,93702 Kuching, SarawakTel: (082) 332 511

Applications should state your preferred location, be accompanied by a recent photograph, and returned to the Shell Headquarters.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

TMNET ?????sTReaMyX????

To become a reseller, the company must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. It must be a private or public limited company.

  2. It must has a minimum paid-up capital of RM100,000.00.

  3. It must be in the business of ICT for at least 3 years, preferably in system integration and networking.

  4. It must be market oriented and able to command large sales volume.

For those who are interested in becoming our resellers, kindly provide us with a short company profile and email to us at Upon satisfying our requirements, we will email you the Application Form.

update forex 20/6/2007





Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Short Term Saving, Long Term Gain

Did u well plan for your Retirement /Travel / Housing /Holiday Fund ?????

I got an IDEA to you.....

Normally ,Where we put our $$$$ ?

( we will make more value of our hardly earning money eg. 1 dollar in your pocket = 1 dollar)
therefore we will put other place to gain more profit n more value, agree with me?????
  1. Bank - FD ( if the country growth, the interest rate will low) eg Japan- interest rate is 0.0001.........
  2. Unit trust - Return non guaranteed, can try ur luck
  3. Share market - higher Risk(but higher return if the performance is good, if not............)
  4. Properties - u need to hv a lot of capital, else u borrowed from bank, owed bank became negative estate.
  5. ????????

An Idea for you, No risk! No stress ! :

Example : A Lump Sum of saving-201,00(16%discounted) or 24,000 x 10 times

The 11 th - 33,000 (bonus)

Every year get 12,000 (bonus)
At age 87 - 240,000(capital)
- 196,000(Terminal Bonus)
FREE LIFE POLICY - 150,000+++++
More benefit on!!!!!!!
For further information, pls contact-

Ms Lim - 016-3727 225

what is mse bank ,how to link with sme bank.....

Designed to function ultimately as a one-stop financing and business development centre, Malaysia's SME Bank is dedicated to the accelerated growth of Malaysian SMEs. Through better segmentation of SME financial and non-financial needs by industry, stage of growth and product and market potential, the Bank will strive to hasten the loan processing of eligible SMEs to meet their financing needs as well as support their business growth requirements through the provision of timely advisory services.The principal activities of the Bank are to provide financing as well as financial and business advisory services to Malaysian SMEs residing within predefined categories which have been framed within the SME classification guidelines of the National SME Development Council.

:Menara SME Bank,Jalan Sultan Ismail, Peti Surat 12352, 50774 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
:(603) 2615 2020, (603) 2615 2828
:(603) 2692 8520, (603) 2698 1748

TM get what prize click it

馬電訊(TM,4863,主板貿服股)成為首家大馬公司,獲得2007年Frost & Sullivan亞太地區資訊與通訊技術展的年度服務供應商獎。

Frost & Sullivan每年通過這個大獎,在區域選出在資訊與通訊技術領域表現最出色的公司,並給予獎勵。
馬電訊在上月獲得Frost & Sullivan大馬電訊大獎的頻率服務供應商獎、數據通訊服務供應商獎,以及年度服務供應商獎。






Monday, June 18, 2007

lesson i learn in bursa malaysia

  1. when u get in share market, u will not easy to pull out from share market share market like u going a casino

  2. Share market is no always raise, dun be patient if the share market is raise

  3. if no any good news support, the share market still raise ,it maybe will drop very fast so be careful

  4. When the volume suddenlly raise many ,u should be carefull

  5. Any share market is no always raise ,it will drop one day also

  6. dun always think share market will make u rich

  7. SHare market is hard to make someone rich, it is only can make u earn some fast cash for u .

  8. i advice if u buy 1 share u must check the company finiancial, share holder, and his sektor potiential, and the company history

  9. U must remember share market is not control by u, most of it , is control by who have big money example: mutual fund,unit trust, banker, and some invesment sektor.

  10. share market is a demand market, so got buyer also got seller(if u wan buy 1 share normally is easy, but u want sell 1 share it maybe very hard because many people duno wat price to sell.



how to start u direct sale....GET THE IDEA FROM HERE

Akojaya 6 & 8 Jalan SS13/3C, Subang Industrial Estate, Subang Jaya, Selangor Tel: 03 5634 5191, Fax: 03 5634 5196

Amway Tel: 03 7964 5222 Avon Malaysia

Caelygirl Caely Holdings Berhad Lot 2661, Jalan Maharajalela, 36000 Teluk Intan, PerakTel: 05 621 8888, Fax: 05 621 5115

CNI Wisma CNI 2 Jalan U1/17, Seksyen U1, Hicom Glenmarie Industrial Park, 40000 Shah Alam Tel: 03 5569 4000, Fax: 03 5569 1078

Cosway 2nd Floor, Wisma Cosway, Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur Tel: 03 2148 1077, Fax: 03 2148 9526Where & how? Getting there: Map Directions MyCen Location (what's this?) eCosway

Forever Living Products Wisma Forever, 25 Jalan Jejaka 3, Taman Maluri, 55100 Kuala Lumpur Tel: 03 9282 0033, Fax: 03 9283 5055

Kaslynet 388 Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur Tel: 03 2142 5511, Fax: 03 2142 6511

Neways Malaysia 1st Flr, Kompleks Kemajuan, 2 Jalan 19/1B, 46300 Petaling Jaya Tel: 03 7954 6288, Fax:03 7956 4288

Nu Skin Lot 04-01, Level 4, PNB Darby Park Retail, No. 10, Jalan Binjai, 50450 Kuala LumpurTel: 03 2170 7700, Fax: 03 2170 7799

Relìv Malaysia G02 Block A, PJ Tower, AMCORP Trade Center, 18, Jalan Persiaran Barat, 46050 Petaling Jaya Tel: 03 7960 7669, Fax: 03 7960 7668 Where & how? Getting there: Map Directions MyCen Location (what's this?)

Shaklee Malaysia 12 Jalan Juruhebah U1/50, Temasya Industrial Park, Section U1, 40150 Shah AlamTel: 03 5569 2393, Fax: 03 5569 2030

Sunrider International (Malaysia) 302 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur Tel: 03 4253 3266, Fax: 03 4253 3922

USANA Health Sciences (global site) M.01 & M.02, Mezzanine Level, Menara Axis, 2 Jalan 51A/223, 46100 Petaling Jaya Tel: 03 7953 8000, Fax: 03 7953 8100

WorldWellness Network 16 Jalan Othman, Seksyen 1, 46000 Petaling Jaya Tel: 03 7788 7791, Fax: 03 7788 7792

Zhulian Marketing Plot 41, Bayan Lepas Industrial Estate, Phase IV, 11900 Penang Tel: 04 641 2020, Fax: 04 641 3020

主要建筑物译名-- *****klcc information*****..........


KLCC Twin Towers 双峰塔

Number of Storeys- 88

Height- 452 metres above street level

Total built-up area - 341,760 sq. metres. (3.7 million sq. feet.)

Design/Architectur --Cesar Pelli & Associates [U.S.] in association with KLCC architects

Location of skybridge----Levels 41 and 42

Length of skybridge----58.4 meters

Height of skybridge----170 metres above street level

Vertical transportation----29 double-deck high speed passenger lifts in each tower

Number of escalators-----10 in each tower

Stainless steel cladding-----65,000 sq. metres

Vision glass----77,000 sq. metres

Concrete-----160,000 cubic metres in the superstructures

Steel-----36,910 tonnes of beams, trusses and reinforcement

Foundation-----4.5 metre [15 feet] thick raft containing 13,200 cubic meters of grade 60

reinforced concrete,weighing approximately 32,550 tonnes under each Tower, supported by 104 barette piles varying from 60 to 115 metres in length

KL Tower 吉隆坡塔
PWTC 吉隆坡世界贸易中心(世贸中心)
KL Sentral 中环
Suria KLCC 阳光广场
Central Market 中央艺术坊
Balai Seni Lukis Negara 国家画廊
Wisma Putra 外交部大厦
Muzium Negara 国家博物院
Pusat Sains Negara 国家科学中心
Pusat Astronomi Negara 国家天文馆
Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka 国家语文局
Angkasapuri 广播大厦
Istana Budaya 文化宫
Palace Of Justice 司法宫
Mid Valley 谷中城
KLCC 城中城
Bukit Aman 武吉阿曼警察总部(武吉阿曼)
Stadium Negara 国家体育馆
Stadium Merdeka 默迪卡体育场
Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil 武吉加里尔体育场
Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil 武吉加里尔室内体育馆
Stadium Juara Bukit Kiara 武吉加拉冠军体育馆
Pasar Borong Selayang 士拉央批发市场
Hentian Pudu Raya 富都车站
Hentian Duta 大使路车站
Hentian Pekeliling 十七楼车站
Hentian Putra 世贸车站
Stesyen Klang 巴生车站

klse composite update 18/6/2007



Sunday, June 17, 2007

my story

Hi, welcome to my blog,my name in honfei , live in Malaysia selangor(puchong),i am 17 year old boy, this is my first blog in my life ,hope u all can support me ,visit it always i will try my best to update my blog always, i start involve in share market since my 15 year old, in malaysia call (bursa malaysia)but only 18 year old only can register accaunt so i now using my father accaunt to playing share ,me still a newbee in share market ,hope somebody can give me more information on SHARE MARKET .(u can add my msn to share u idea in earning money)

next year me 18 years old so i can open own accaunt myself , my most earning share i earn before is TIMECOM, it make me earn over 300% profit(i buy it at 0.25 and sell it at 0.65)it is happen in year 2005 may, that time i was very happy almost cannot sleep.

But i know that time is only lucky i get earn in share market, iknow it one day maybe can loss back my money to share market, so i now was setting a target , when i reach the target i was stop playing share. it was a dangerous game ,u duno when is the share market like 1997 drop untill people get bankrupt

wahat is MLM???????

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a business model that combines direct marketing with franchising.

Multi-level marketing businesses function by recruiting salespeople (also called Distributors, Independent Business Owners, IBOs, Franchise Owners, Sales Consultants, Beauty Consultants, Consultants, etc.) to sell a product and offer additional sales commissions based on the sales of people recruited into their downline, an organization of people that includes direct recruits, recruits' recruits, etc. This arrangement is similar to franchise arrangements where royalties are paid from the sales of individual franchise operations to the franchisor as well as to an area or region manager, but in some MLM programs, there can be seven or more levels of people receiving royalties from one person's sales.


DOn do this when using googleadsense

首先,也是最重要的一點:不要作弊。杜絕欺騙性點擊,也不可以更改Google AdSense授權給你的程式碼。你要相信,Google永遠比你聰明,AdSense系統可以記錄每一次點擊,心存僥倖或嘗試駭客行為,賬戶會被停權。






可以在同一面頁上放AdSense for Content和其他廠牌的關鍵字廣告聯播,但不可以放置其他與搜尋框外觀與顏色相同、會和Google相關廣告混淆的廣告。



INTRODUCTION bank islamic


The earliest form of Islamic banking activity may be traced back to September 1963 when Perbadanan Wang Simpanan Bakal-Bakal Haji (PWSBH) was set up. PWSBH was set up as an institution for Muslims to save for their Haj (pilgrimage to Mecca) expenses. In 1969, PWSBH merged with Pejabat Urusan Haji to form Lembaga Urusan dan Tabung Haji (now known as Lembaga Tabung Haji).

The first Islamic bank was established in 1983. In 1993, commercial banks, merchant banks and finance companies were allowed to offer Islamic banking products and services under the Islamic Banking Scheme (IBS). These institutions however, are required to separate the funds and activities of Islamic banking transactions from that of the conventional banking business to ensure that there would not be any co-mingling of funds.

Islamic banking is a banking activity that is based on Syariah principles. It does not allow the paying and receiving of interest and promotes profit sharing in the conduct of banking business.

Islamic banking has the same purpose as conventional banking except that it operates in accordance with the rules of Syariah, known as Fiqh al-Muamalat (Islamic rules on transactions). The basic principle of Islamic banking is the sharing of profit and loss and the prohibition of riba' (interest). Amongst the common Islamic concepts used in Islamic banking are profit sharing (Mudharabah), safekeeping (Wadiah), joint venture (Musyarakah), cost plus (Murabahah) and leasing (Ijarah).

Islamic banks and banking institutions that offer Islamic banking products and services (IBS banks) are required to establish Syariah advisory committees/ consultants to advise them and to ensure that the operations and activities of the bank comply with Syariah principles.

In addition, the National Syariah Advisory Council set up at Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) advises BNM on the Syariah aspects of the operations of these institutions, as well as on their products and services.


Wadiah (Safekeeping)
In Wadiah, a bank is deemed as a keeper and trustee of funds. A person deposits funds in the bank and the bank guarantees refund of the whole amount of the deposit, or any part of the outstanding amount, when the depositor demands for it. The depositor, at the bank's discretion, may be rewarded with 'hibah' (gift) as a form of appreciation for the use of funds by the bank.

Mudharabah (Profit Sharing)
Mudharabah is an arrangement or agreement between a capital provider and an entrepreneur, whereby the entrepreneur can mobilise funds for its business activity. Any profits made will be shared between the capital provider and the entrepreneur according to an agreed ratio while losses are borne solely by the capital provider.

Musyarakah (Joint Venture)
This concept is normally applied for business partnerships or joint ventures. The profits made are shared on an agreed ratio while losses incurred, will be divided based on the equity participation ratio.

Murabahah (Cost Plus)
The selling of goods at a price, which includes a profit margin agreed by both parties. The purchase and selling price, other costs and the profit margin must be clearly stated at the time of the sale agreement.

Bai' Bithaman Ajil (Deferred Payment Sale)
The selling of goods on a deferred payment basis at a price, which includes a profit margin agreed by both parties.

Wakalah (Agency)
When a person appoints a representative to undertake transactions on his/their behalf.

Qardhul Hassan (Benevolent Loan)
A loan extended on a goodwill basis and the borrower is only required to repay the amount borrowed. However, the borrower may, at his discretion, pay extra (without promising it) as a token of appreciation.

Ijarah Thumma Al Bai' (Hire Purchase)
There are two contracts involved in this concept. The first contract, Ijarah contract (leasing/renting) and the second contract, Bai' contract (purchase) are undertaken one after the other. For example, in a car financing facility, a customer enters into the first contract and leases the car from the owner (bank) at an agreed rental over a specific period. When the leasing period expires, the second contract comes into effect, which enables the customer to purchase the car at an agreed price.

Bai' al-Inah (Sell and Buy Back Agreement)
The financier sells an asset to the customer on a deferred payment and then the asset is immediately repurchased by the financier for cash at a discount.

Hibah (Gift)
A token given voluntarily in return for loan given or benefit obtained.



Where there has been no transaction (either a withdrawal or deposit) in the account for a period of seven years, the account will be classifi ed as unclaimed moneys. Under the Unclaimed Moneys Act (1965), such funds will be transferred to the Registrar of Unclaimed Moneys. Prior to the funds being transferred, banks will send notices requesting the customer to reactivate or close the account. The owner of the unclaimed moneys may recover the moneys from the Registrar either in person or in writing.

To do this, you will need to submit the following documents:

- Application form for refund of unclaimed moneys (UMA-7). The form can be obtained from the Registrar‘s offi ce or downloaded from the website of Jabatan Akauntan Negara at
- Documents to support your claim over the unclaimed moneys, such as a bank statement or a letter from your bank
- Copy of your identity card

The address of the Registrar is as follows:
Registrar of Unclaimed Moneys
Jabatan Akauntan Negara
Tingkat 42, Menara Maybank
100, Jalan Tun Perak
50050 Kuala Lumpur.



Your bank will decline to pay a cheque issued by you due to the following reasons:

- Insuffi cient funds in your account to clear the cheque
- Missing signature(s)
- Signature(s) differ from specimen signature(s) in the bank’s record
- Post-dated
- Stale cheque (cheque which is dated more than 6 months ago)
- Amount in words and fi gures differ
- Alteration on the cheque (Note: Any alteration is not permitted)
- Stop payment instruction has been issued
- Account closed or "legally blocked" account

Cheques which have been dishonoured will be returned to the accountholder. The issuer of the cheque will be charged a fee by his bank to recover part of the administrative cost incurred.


f your cheque has gone astray, it is possible to prevent payment of the cheque by giving a stop payment instruction to your bank.

You may give the instruction by phone, but your bank would require you to confi rm your stop payment instruction in writing.

In addition, you will be charged a fee for this service. However, if you issue a stop payment instruction due to insuffi cient funds in your account, you can be charged a penalty.

If you repeatedly issue stop payment instructions when you have insuffi cient funds, your account may be closed by your bank. Such action is taken to ensure that cheques are accepted as a reliable mode of payment.

KEEPING OF RECORDS Your bank will give you a statement of account which will allow you to check transactions that have taken place but the statement does not provide the most current balance. The statement will normally be for an earlier period and will not include any transaction that has taken place after the period referred to in the statement. You should therefore keep records of all deposits and withdrawals to calculate the current balance.

when u use the cheques u must.................


  • Write clearly and legibly and always use permanent ink pens such as a ball pen
  • Ensure no alteration/amendment/erasure on the face of the cheque as banks will reject such cheques
  • Begin writing the amount in words close to the word "Ringgit" without leaving too much space in between the words written and always write the amount payable ending with the word "only". The amount in fi gures must be written close to the letters "RM" and should be written legibly
  • Make sure that no cheque is being removed from the cheque book without your knowledge and ensure that spoiled cheques are completely destroyed

  • Ensure that cheques are kept in a safe and locked place and never leave cheques whether signed or unsigned unattended
  • Undertake regular review of your stock of unused cheques and conduct regular reconciliation of cheques paid with your bank statement
  • Report immediately to your bank if there are cheques missing from your cheque book or discrepancies in your bank statement
  • Ensure your account has suffi cient funds before you issue a cheque. It is not the duty of your bank to call you when there are insuffi cient funds, although some banks may do so as part of their service to their customers
  • When sending cheques by mail using window envelope, ensure that the envelope is of good quality. This prevent cheques from being revealed when the envelope is held against any light


  • Write below the MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) fi eld of the cheque to allow smooth clearing of your cheque. The MICR fi eld is usually a 5/8 inch band at the bottom of the cheque
  • Sign any blank cheque or give any blank cheque as payment
    Use laser printer, felt tip pen, erasable pen or pencil or other printing techniques which can be easily erased and written over, to write details on a cheque. If you are using a typewriter, you should not use correctable ribbons
  • Issue payments in foreign currency using RM denominated cheques
  • Fold, pin or staple written cheques. If the cheque is folded, the clarity of the wordings which fall across the "folded" lines may be affected. In addition, folding may break the
  • MICR fi eld of the cheque, resulting in the cheque being rejected by the cheque processing system.
  • Cheques should not be stapled to prevent accidental tearing


A current account is a form of deposit account that allows, among others, payment by way of cheques. This booklet highlights the basic requirements relating to the operation and maintenance of a current account as well as some useful tips to safeguard your account.


Different banks have different criteria for opening a current account. Generally, banks would only consider the application if the applicant is:

- 18 years old or above
- not a bankrupt
- of sound mind and has the mental and physical capacity to operate the account properly

For business owners and professional entities, they must ensure that they are properly registered with the relevant authorities. However, a bank has the discretion to accept or decline an application to open the account.

- You must be physically present at the bank
- You need an introducer acceptable to the bank. This is to enable the bank to obtain references on you. Normally, the introducer is an existing customer or someone known to the bank
- You need to provide certain identification documents such as your identity card or driving licence to substantiate your identity
- You need to put an initial deposit as specified by your bank

In addition, for a business / society / club / association / professional registered withprofessional bodies (e.g. Malaysian Medical Association etc), you need to provide the business registration, board resolution, memorandum and articles of association, share allotment form and list of directors and secretary (for company account) or list of current board/committee members (for society account).


You can start using your current account once it is approved by your bank. Withdrawals from your account (subject to the available balance in the account) can be made either through cheques or ATM cards (issued to individual accountholders only) or by electronic means. There is no need to maintain the initial deposit amount i.e. the minimum amount required to open the account, once your account is in operation. You do not earn interest on the balance in your current account. However, for a hybrid account, that is, an account that combines the features of both a current and savings account, you may earn interest from the savings portion of the account.


When you open a current account, your bank will require your specimen signature. The bank will compare your signature on the cheque issued by you against this specimen signature. If the signature is different, the bank will refuse to pay the cheque and return the cheque on the ground that “signature differs”. For a joint current account, all the account-holders’ signatures must be provided together with specifi c instructions as to who can operate the joint account.