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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

my diary at 8/8/2007

8/8/2008------TOday I wake up at 6.30 pm and go to school by bus,I reach school at 7.45am,then I feel sick and my body become very cool,I try to keep my body warm,but still cannot,then i go school office make a call and ask my father pick me go back.

About 12pm my father come to school and pick me go back,before go back to home I follow mt father go many place for work,Public bank,I learn how to bank in cek,then we go Eon bank to take out the money out for closing accaunt,then we eat chicken rice at the nearst shop,about 3pm,I follow my father go back office and calculate the invois and PO.

About 6pm, I still stay at my father office,and I not feel so sick already,when my brother come to pick me home,he bring me to handphone/cellphone shop,because his handphone/cellphone spoil,I help him choose sony edisionW880I after paying money,I and my brother go the nearest KFC to have dinner.

At about8.20pm I finally reach home, I quickly take bath and then open my computer and start to do share market report.TOday the KLSE,malaysia share market start to become green colour,about 800 stock rise today,so the composite index also rise today,US share market also start to grow.I spent about2hour the research.

10pm,a lonely night,I was feel tired and want fall to sleep,today I was happy because can learn many bank information and wish tomolo the share market continue Green colour.

My learning IDEA:
PO=Purcharse order
DO=Delivery order

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