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Monday, August 6, 2007

My dairy at 6/8/2007

6/8/2008----Today is school day ,I like normall wake up early and go to school,today I almost keep myself alone at class,break time I stay in class,because no people in class when break time.WHen lunch time I run to library,and open the share market,today KLSE drop 30 point at 12.30pm,I think is effect by Us market that drop almost 300 point.

After that I go back class,then untill finish school ,I run to tuisyen centre,untiil 6.30pm I only go back home,today my mother not at home,my brother cooking for our family,My brother cooking skill more good than my mother,we enjoy the dinner very much.

about 9pm,I open my computer and doing the same thing,research today share market,today only china market raise all drop ,Malaysia close market was drop 44point and over1000 listed company drop.I think today must be a black monday.I predict tomolo the newspaper must report the share market drop like hell.I tihnk today only who play future investor earn.If the future investor buy composite index drop,must win amny money.

Me surffing net untill 10.30 then go back to sleep,because tomolo still school.hope tomolo Malaysia share market will turn to Green.Hope have a good market tomolo.Good nite.

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