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Sunday, August 5, 2007

My dairy----5/8/2007

<----pc fairr
5/8/2007---today wake up early but not to school because today is SUnday,I start reading the newspaper,the newspaper main title today is ,Malaysia stock market tomolo will drop???because last friday Amerika stock market was drop almost 200point.
I tihnk tomolo will be a bad monday.At 9pm I with my cousin go to KLCC by train(LRT),we change staion at majisd jamek,then go take Putra(train)go Klcc,because they have a PC fair organise there.There are many people and computer hardware /software to selling,some are very cheap but not all.Example keyboard,harddisk,CD-R,mouse
About 3 pm. I will my cousin take LRT to sungai wang,we eat many thing on there and also enjoy there,this is the first time i go sungai wang,It is a old complex but many people and the salegirl/saleboy there very fashion especially the hairstyle,all look handsome and pretty.^^
About 6pm we go back Sri petaling by LRT,then we take the car and go to 1u at damansara because my cousin want buy gandum on there.we are so tired to walk but my cousin very happy because he finally get buy his favourite toy.
About 9pm,we finally go back home, I am so tired and get ot sleep.

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