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Thursday, August 9, 2007

My dairy at 9/8/2007

9/8/2007----Today I wake up and go to school study like normal,break time I eat at class,Lunch time I go library,but today the library was no open,O suddenlly feel nth to do at school,finally I go back class and study Sejarah alone.

TOday my math teacher no come so got 1 hour is free perior,I try to do my accaunt homework at this hour but still cannot finish,ring,ring.....FInish school at 3.30pm,my father wait me at outside guard house,I quickly run to my father there with very happy, because my father always very late to pick me .After that we go eat together.THen I go back his office.

about 6pm I go back home with him and open the computer,today I register online trading stock market approve le,Ivery happy because can see more detail about stock market,about 1 day trading volume,and meny more....,I am using this website to see the live time stock market.Today the market was nth special,althrough the us market start to grow back.I got 1 msn friend say,he also a stock market investor,he say tomolo the share market will drop for making some adjust.

About 3 hour i do my research,I feel tired and go down see tv,my favourite movie,*tv at 8.30pm(korea movie).TOday the KLSE ,was move down I think because of too many people sell,friday or Next monday will be more better.

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