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Friday, August 10, 2007

My dairy at 10/8/2007

10/8/2007----today me no need wake up early because today i no go school,I go see dentist .BUt me today 6am already wake up,I go jogging around my house area.
after that I open computer and I know today the market must 100%drop.Because our USA market yesterday drop 380point in it index.that was a bad news to Malaysia,and other asia country.
8.30am I go my father factory,I help him record invois and start to learn what is aluminium ?I learn to know got how many kind aluminium today.
About 2.30pm I go see dentist,TOday I was spent 3 hour on dentist .At the same time I also spent RM250 to see the dentist.The dentist really is a earn money job.
About 5pm I follow my father go back home,I cannot eat the food because my teeth still pain,after that I go to sleep, untill 9.30 I only eat my dinner.
when I open my computer,I know today the share market is drop ,that is the thing already know by many people,I do again the market report about 2 hour.Hope tomolo have a nice day.Actually tomolo have a school replacement Hari raya day.BUt I think I will ponteng.haha.any sedaya friend see this ,plz dun tell teacher.^^

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