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Saturday, August 11, 2007

my diary at 11/8/2007

11/8/2007----TOday is weekend(saturday)althought school got study for replacement the hari raya holiday.but me lazy to go so stay at home.

About 11am ,my mother call me with her go shopping at IOI mall.I was happy and quicklly take bath and go to shopping.Because really boring to stay at home.Me buy some history book at the Popular book shop,totally is RM68 but nvm book is give me knowledge I happy to pay.

About 3pm ,my cousin givem e a messenge and ask me want go sungai wang or not.then I call my sister come to pick my mother .THen I wait my cousin at IOI mall.After we take Rapid kl bus to KL.

This is the first time I taking bus,I and my cousin only pay RM4 ,each people RM2 can take the bus 1 day from the ticket date.This is the cheap price because now Malaysia HIghways toll already want payRm1.60.But the rapid kl only pay Rm2 ,then we can go Bukit bintand and go back home.just RM2

I was see many different hair style and fashion at Sungai wang,I and my cousin also visit the plaza Lawyat,there was many computer shop ,almost whole PLAZA is computer shop and the price is cheap.WE spent about 3 hour at those shopping centre.I was very tired and ask my cousin go back home.WE take again the rapid KL bus go home.THe funny thing is we walk whole day at KL only buy 1 A4 paper in 1 bookshop.THere are many pretty girl &handsome boy in sungai wang,they wear so fashion.

About 8pm we reach my cousin house by bus with the only A4 paper.THen I call my brother go my cousin house pick me and I reach my house already 9.30pm,I am feel tired but still want research some company profile and lastlly update this blog.This is a happy and tired day .^^but I get learn how ot take bus today.

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