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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

my diary at 7/8/2007

7/8/2007 --TOday I wake up and go to school,break time , I want sleep in class alone but the teacher was see me sleeping and chase me out to class because our school is not allow student stay at class during break time,I was angry but me still studnet nvm,Luckylly my friend chatting with me outside classroom so make me no feel boring.

WHen lunch time ,I was go to the library and open the computer and do the same thing again rersearch the market,today the US market,rise back280 point ,at the same time Malaysia also raise back 8point.

I today finish school direct go back home and open the computer do the market research with 3 hour,that was a long time ,but me not feel tired,because i interest in share market,At 5pm Malaysia market because of some people seel to get back money so drop little ,but tomolo maybe can be raise back,the international oil price also drop 3usdolar today.Today is a good market,hope tomolo will continue,After doing this report, I go watch my favourite movie(korea movie).

At about 10pm I lastlly update my blog and go to sleep.Life is just boring,are you agree??

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