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Thursday, August 2, 2007

my diary at 2/8/2007

2/8/2007----Today I go to school by bus then go school at 8.a.m. today Form5 got english seminar,so I can skip 2 hour class,but learn many thing in this 2 hour,after that I eatting alone in the class room like usual,after finish school,I wait my brother come to pick me.After that we go eat chicken rice together then go back home.

5.30pm, my mother has go to hospital at Bangsar to visit my grandmother,so no body cooking at home ,my father suggest we go out eat together.After we take bath,Me ,my brother,and my father go resturant eat together.

Then we go hospital together visit my grandmother,about we go back home together.WHen reach home I was open my computer see the same thing,research the stock market today.TOday the stock market still not very good but a bit better than yesterday,If we play future must can earn money.Because Future can earn money when market drop 1 point is RM50.I was very happy today because tomolo me ponteng school,actually cannot say ponteng school.that is because tomolo I need to see dentist.

Hope tomolo have g bull market,because USA market start to grow back.Good nite,and hope tomolo have a wonderful day.

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