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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My dairy at 1/8/2007

1/8/2007---TOday is first day of august I wake up early and go to school by bus .At school break time,i was study SEJARAH at class and also eat my breakfast at class,because today is my Sejarah Exam.
12.50p.m. is my lunch time ,I go to Library and open the share market and see the share market(KLSE)today ,Today the Malaysia share market was drop almost 40point.and over1000 stock in Malaysia was drop .I think is effect by the USA share market, because USA share market yesterday drop 100point.I can feel tomolo must have many people buy back at tomolo.Luckylly I still got Rm15000 to buy after selling my TIME.I think tomolo I can put my money into share market again.
3.30p.m. I finish my school and walk to tuisyen centre,today is my favourite class(accaunt class ), I was learn many thing in my accaunt class,now i become confident in acaunt .
7.15p.m. I go back home and eat my dinner .After that open my computer to do the samething,research share market today,over 1000 stock was drop today all is red digit number, I think tomolo is the change to buy share,I make decide to buy 10 lot ZECON at RM1.65.Because this stock nice and cheap.After 2hour do report of stock market today , I was feel tired,but I still read the newspaper today,then I only go to sleep.

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