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Friday, August 3, 2007

My dairy at 3/8/2007

3/8/2007---Today me no school,because lazy so ponteng school,hehe actually today I go see dentist.then i make 1 call ,that call is call my remisier to send back the money to my public bank accaunt.
11am, I go to public bank for register 1 ATM card, but the bank people say me not 18year old, cannot register must take my kertas lahir to show them .So today me cannot get my second ATM card.I decide next friday go register again.
At 1 pm, I was eat a plate of Indo mee +teh ais total RM3.80 at a mamak stall , this is the only spend of today.After that I go back home,open computer doing my share market research,and make many call untill 5.30pm.TOday the closing market was raise little bit. I also earn a bit today.
7pm, I was write 2 Post in my blog and add 2 webtool in my blog that is world clock and music zone.Start from today when you come my blog you may hear some nice music.8.30pm I was go see my favourite movie(korea movie) and 10,45pm I was see the newspaper today and the televisyen news today.Now is the age of media,I would like to force myself reading the media news on internet,televisyen and newspaper to let my mind and knowledge more update .
11p.m. I read the forum and lastly update my blog ,then go to bed add sleep.This was a day of mine,hope tomolo I have a more nice day.GOod nite.*

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