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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My dairy at 31/7/2007

31.7.2007--- Last day of july,19 more day is my 17year old birthday, and i start to get lesen at that day,TOday like normal me wake up early and go to the school by bus,yeasterday i was dream i get the car lesen and drive to school.haha^^

Today me no take handphone go school so me today more hardworking on study,because my handphone always got call from remisier,but today i wan peace with stock market, LIke normal at break time i stay at class eat my breakfast and lunch time go Library play computer and read forum at there.

Me is a poor soscial skill guy so less friend,but anyway i enjoy my life now,hope after SPM can reformat my life.Make more friend .

3.30p.m. finish school ,I call my father and pick me at school,after come back home I doing again same thing that is research the share market,and look back the history of share market today,and other investment work.

At 8.30pm i was see my favourite movie in 8tv,that was a korea love story movie,because me ho girlfriend now,but i enjoy me investment life,after finsih the movie I will come back room and do research and make record of the share market today.Today I was looking a stock code is BANENG and......(scret)because ........

After i put my msn in my blog, I was know many investment friend,they teach me a lot,and make many firend in the internet net life,but not in real realistik life.ok today i Stop here .Good nite.This is my boring life and repeat it everyday.

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