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Monday, July 30, 2007

My 30/7/2007 diary

Today i wake up early and go to school,last friday the share market was drop, lucky my (TIME&TIMECOM)no drop,but I sell them already.Many people also tell me this monday maybe still drop.

Today me study hard at class,lunch time I go my school library to see the stock market,it was still drop at the morning.But my TIME&TIMECOM still raising.After finish school ,I was walking to my tuition centre and continue my study (before tuition i was make 1 call that is call my remisier buy ZECON at RM1.90 because my uncle working and get some news in this company ).

AT 6p.m. i was come back home, the first thing i do at the room is open computer and start to watch today share market,today the share market not bet,many stock are raise back,but the composite index still drop about 2point.Most of the stock is raise ,and my ZECON also done in RM1.90,the closing price of ZECON today is RM1.90.but nvm I take ZECON as long term invest,this stock also want to give dividen soon, I can take the Dividen go see movie hehe.I calculate the dividen already is about RM500.

THen i was checking all the forum and see back the share market today by

this was the good system provide by hongleong,i can use it to see the history today.

9p.m., I forgot to eat dinner,so I quickly go eat dinner and see awhile movie.THen i am writting this blog ,now i want go to sleep . From today i will write my daily life is this blog .Thanks for support.

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