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Friday, June 8, 2007

Established in 1973, Bursa Malaysia today has over 1,000 listed companies offering a wide range of investment choices to the world. Companies are either listed on Bursa Malaysia Securities Main Board for larger capitalised companies, the Second Board for medium sized companies or the MESDAQ Market for high growth and technology companies. We also have an offshore market. In assisting the development of the Malaysian capital market and enhancing global competitiveness, Bursa Malaysia is committed to maintaining an efficient, secure and active trading market for local and global investors.

Bursa malaysia comprises an exchange holding company and various subsidiaries which own and operate our various businesses. We operate our businesses through the following three (3) business units:

  • Securities Exchange The markets which make up our Securities Exchange are our Main Board, Second Board and MESDAQ Market. This exchange is operated by Bursa Securities.
  • Derivatives Exchange Our Derivatives Exchange offers futures and options contracts covering financial, equity and commodity-related instruments. This exchange is operated by Bursa Derivatives.
  • Offshore Exchange Our Offshore Exchange is an international offshore financial exchange based in Labuan, Malaysia’s international offshore financial center. This exchange is operated by LFX.

Clearing, settlement and depository business unit. We offer clearing, settlement and depository services through Bursa Securities Clearing (our clearing house for our Securities Exchange), Bursa Derivatives Clearing (our clearing house for our Derivatives Exchange) and Bursa Depository (the central depository for securities listed on our Securities Exchange
Information services business unit.

Through Bursa Information, we compile and disseminate comprehensive market information, both real time and historical, and develop and market information products and services.

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